Do you want to know how to design a great mobile app? How about an award winning app?

Based on your backend development your app might perform really well. But to create an award winning mobile app it requires killer design.

Whether you are looking to hire an app developer or go all in and work with a mobile app development company in the UK, I am about to share with you my top tips to design an award winning mobile app.

This mobile app design guide can be used by app designers working on multiple apps for clients.

An app that is not designed well will ultimately fail. User will end up getting frustrated with the experience and go ahead and delete it from their mobile phone.

Here are the top 7 tips you must know to design an award winning mobile app.

Start with A Design Prototype

Before you dive into something complex a good idea is to start with a simple prototype.

Use a whiteboard and sketch some of the main components of your app design. Try using a mood board to pitch your colour scheme and ideas to others, this will help keep the whole team on board.

Spending a short amount of time developing a simple prototype can save you time further down the design process.

Keep UX at the Heart of every Design Decision

Throughout your app design and no matter that aspect of design you are looking at always ask yourself;

“How will this impact user experience?”

Make sure your app design team spend time researching how the design will affect user experience.

Keep it Simple Stupid

Okay so your app design does not need to be super basic. What I am saying that you should try not to be to clever and go over the top with a complex design.

This is a mobile app you are creating so users will be interacting with your design on a small device. Don’t try and pack everything into a small space and expect it to work well.

When you keep your app design simple you will also help keep the load time of your app down, another step towards designing an award winning app.

Too many bells and whistles can distract a user. Keep it simple will keep your users focused and engaged.

Easy to Read Text

You definitely do not want text to run into each other.

To keep your app design efficient it is not always possible to have distinct spaces between every line of text. So you may need to come up with innovative ways to clearly define the text in your app.

A common approach to break up text in app design is to use pictures of page breaks but you can’t do this every single time.

One rather effective design tactic is to use all capital letters in your heading. Then below it switch back to regular capitalisation rules.

Think about using underlines, bold text, contrasting colours, change the background or switch up the fonts to create separation barriers in your app design.

Recognisable Actions

When a button gets clicked, something needs to happen.

Even if a page is loading, there should be a moving symbol or something to show that it’s being refreshed.

If a user makes an action without it being acknowledged, they may think the app is frozen. This relates back to what we just discussed about page loading speed.

Making sure that their actions are recognized will also help create the illusion that a page is loading faster than it actually is.

A button should have some kind of visual push effect when it’s clicked.

User Friendly Navigation

When it comes to navigating your way through your app this should be easy and good design can go a long way to helping with this.

Most apps are just different ways to navigate through lists of information. The lists could be in blocks of pictures that get clicked or bullet formats with text.

It should be easy for users to see the information they need without having to scroll or zoom too much.

No matter what you do navigation through you app should be as easy as possible for your users and is a key factor when it comes to designing an award winning mobile app.

User Test Your App Design

Use beta testers or focus groups to test the design of your mobile app.This gives you an opportunity to get invaluable feedback from users in the same demographic as your target audience.

It is easy to think that our app design is flawless, however you are looking at it with a biased set of eyes. To make sure your app and design runs smoothly it is important to constantly test your application.

It is often a good idea to outsource testing beyond those involved in the development and design or even the brand. This ensures that feedback is completely impartial.

Designing an Award Winning Mobile App

Designing an award winning mobile app isn’t easy.

Whether you’re designing your own app, hiring a designer, or you’re a designer for hire, it’s important to keep all of the design best practices in mind.

Let your creativity shine, but don’t let it compromise the app.

Stick to the basics. If you want to design an award winner, use these tools and tips that I’ve outlined to help you get the job done right.