Crypto trading is a serious business. You might lose a substantial amount of money if you don’t have strategies that work best for your financial targets. Would you let that happen? For sure, by all means, you want to win. To do just that, having a sound portfolio that outlines the how of your financial transactions is very crucial. It’s not just about setting goals at the outset – that’s just your direction. How you are going to get there talks about your approach and strategies. Got any at the moment? If you lack this essential element, don’t invest just yet. 

As a smart investor, you should be particular about how you deal with market volatility and the tricky trading environment in the crypto network. There are fundamental and technical tools that you can utilise for the purpose of crafting individual strategies. You should know when to buy, hold, and sell your crypto assets. That probably sounds like an easy thing to do. But the truth is, you don’t do that arbitrarily. It usually takes prudence to put your feet forward. 

Got the point already? Yeah, pretty simplistic if you have a good background in crypto investment. But for the benefit of everyone, the following guides are given to have winning crypto trading strategies. Once everything’s clear, you might start your journey.

Do-It-Yourself Approach is Always Possible 

Sure, there are many excellent trading strategies out there, and you can even buy learning resources to craft an approach that’s popular for any line of business. But this might require you to spend hundreds of dollars looking for the best trading strategy. If that doesn’t sound good, you may be forced to have a “do-it-yourself” approach. Yeah, you can devise trading strategies on your own, and this process can be fun, easy, and quick if you know what to do. 

To create your own crypto trading strategies, you have to access charts reflecting the time frame for business, a pad of paper for your ideas, and of course, an inquisitive and rational mind throughout the process. As you brainstorm on all possible ways to generate profits, you need to formalise your ideas into a strategy and visually backtest such on other charts. Going over this process is not really complex, just a few fundamentals to learn. If you want to try out a simple platform to learn fundamentals with a great history of creating winning crypto strategies, can be the ideal platform to check out. This is because of the long history of successes recorded by the website users. In addition, the reviews of the platform show that users have access to strategies to help manage risk effectively.

Determine Trading Time and Venue 

Before you can create an effective trading strategy, you need to narrow the chart options. You should particularly decide whether you should participate as a day trader, investor, or swing trader. Also, the time frame of doing this business should be decided upon. Make sure that you stick to a time frame that suits your needs. Once you’re clear about these basic considerations, you should choose which market you’re trading: cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, etc. 

For example, you decide to look for crypto assets on a one-hour time frame for day-trading purposes and want to focus on the option that moves within the range. You can evaluate crypto projects on the basis of the trading range and other requirements, such as minimum volume and pricing criteria. But because cryptos are volatile, you should do regular monitoring and analysis to ensure that you can predict price movements. 

Creating and Testing Your Trading Strategies

If you have a trading strategy that’s exactly based on your needs and priorities, it would be much easier to stick to your investment plan. This is best illustrated in the crypto market, where specific approaches to updates and trends are very important. As a trader, you have to focus on fluctuations and use indicators to adjust your strategies accordingly. Some of the most common trading signals are chart patterns, asset volume, and candlestick patterns, among others.  

Once you have devised a good trading strategy, it matters to check if the same pattern occurred for other changes on the chart. You should analyse the possible opportunities which you might have missed and what you can do about it for the next transaction. As a rule of thumb, keep track of your strategies in a journal and incorporate them into your trading plan. When market conditions turn unfavourable, you may choose not to pursue a strategy. Otherwise, when things are good, you can capitalise on it in the market. 

Final Thoughts!

No matter your experience in trading, you can always have your own strategy. Creating one does not require an understanding of the complex matters in the market. As you can draw from the foregoing facts, it’s a simple process of studying the market and creating strategies that match your goals. This is quite helpful, especially if you are in a highly volatile market like cryptocurrency.