Can you seem to recall how many likes does your business page have on Facebook? If it is a great number then you definitely know it on the top of your head.

Facebook is a major entity of social media marketing. As it contains 2 billion users, it offers a huge audience for your business to target. But the platform also offers a great deal of competition as every business is utilizing its potential to make their product/service all the more visible. With around 60 million business Facebook pages there is a great competition into the equation.

Where Facebook is letting us interact with a wide audience it is also challenging us with our social media marketing techniques. So what technique can actually get our business the attention it requires?

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Well, we have shortlisted a few important steps which allow you to create a successful Facebook business page. Now you all must be wondering what they are. Following are a few steps which can help you set an impressive Facebook page and will help you get closer to your conversion goals.

Formulate a smart Facebook Marketing strategy:

Facebook will only show you the results of the efforts you put into it. So smart business goals and well defined strategy will craft a cohesive brand presence over Facebook which actually speaks of the brand’s personality and values.

No marketing strategy is complete without digital marketing. Why is that so? Because most of our target audience is sitting behind their laptops and mobile phones scrolling through the internet world. We are utilizing the internet for everything and everything. Even our businesses are highly dependent on it. A short interval in internet connectivity can lose businesses millions of dollar. That is why most of the businesses rely on the reliable connectivity provided by Cox Communications. They are providing reliable speedy internet and cable TV in the most reasonable prices. They also have dedicated servers for enterprise use so that they don’t have to face any difficulty with connectivity. Find the top cable internet and TV service providers through local cable deals.

What is a smart goal?

Well, I guess most of the marketing major people can break the riddle in it. But still, the S.M.A.R.T goal is basically composed of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. So formulate the goal containing all these five factors.

  • Defining a clear targeted audience:

A clear strategy involves a much defined targeted audience. As the aim of your digital marketing is to generate conversion while developing brand credibility among the potential audience. So, the main point here is to intrigue people to follow and like the stuff you’re presenting on social media.

So, the best practice is to keep the different audience personas in mind while identifying the potential target audience. Rather than targeting two billion Facebook users, target the audience or age group which would be interested in your product/service.

  • Also, research the competition within your niche:

Research about your biggest competitor. Keep a keen eye on the strategies your competitor is utilizing, as it can help you identify the loopholes in their strategy which you can use to your benefit. It also helps you identify the key points which make your competitor’s strategy stronger than yours. We all have heard that “keep your friend’s close and your enemies closer” that’s what exactly it is.

Make your Facebook page easy to find:

How many of us go to the second page of Google search results for our query? I guess very few of us because we find our desired search result on googles first page. It’s pretty much in the two to three search results. So making your page easy to access or find is critically important. How can we actually do it?

  • Find an easy to remember and discover name:

Select an easy and catch brand name which stays with people. A catchy brand name will make it easy for people (who recognize your brand) to search for your brand.

  • Select a notable username:

The username is also called vanity URL which appears in your Facebook page web address. A notable and user-friendly name is great for optimization. The most important thing refrain from adding unnecessary keywords- they will just make your page spammy rather than help it gain better positions in search rankings.

Cross promote your Facebook page. Promote your Facebook’s page over your own website. Share the interesting posts and customer review on the website etc.

Craft a page unique enough:

Craft a page which is unique in its own self and provides ample information about the brand and its fore coming events. If you want to collect yourself some likes and attention you’ve got to create a smartly crafted page which serves people’s interests.

  • Provide a guided tour of your brand in “about” section:

In addition to the contact and business details provide a proper overview of your business. It should be like a guided tour of your brand. Add the achievements you have accomplished over the years. The right use of the keyword in the right proportion is very vital to the optimization.

  • Use compelling photographs and videos:

We humans can be attracted through catchy and vibrant visual pieces. So, indulge your audience with your brand through valuable content that actually delivers something useful to them. The Facebook page is representing your business over to the billions of users so you have to get creative with your data delivery style.

  • Aim for shares rather than simple likes:

Again this point will emphasize the content. The aim of social media marketing is to circle your product/service around a community. So you better aim for shares rather than the likes. Create and present your content in such a way that it motivates people to share with their friends and family over social media. Social media is such a major and strong entity that it can make and break your brand in no seconds.

I hope this article would have been of help in identifying the areas which play a vital role in the success of your Facebook business page.