Business owners in various industries turn to marketing agencies for assistance. They need successful real world digital marketing strategies to achieve their goals, but can’t always build them on their own. As a marketing professional, it is your job to learn how to assist business owners in developing a strategy. Since every company has a different budget and market, it’s up to you to create a strategy that produces a return on investment. Read on to learn how to create a real world digital marketing strategy.

Define Your Brand

Begin creating a digital marketing strategy by defining your company’s brand. Determine how it differs from your competitors. This is a crucial step because you want to draw attention to your differences throughout your marketing tactics. After all, consumers grow bored of companies that are just like one another. They want new products, not the same ones they purchased from another company. If you are struggling to identify the most unique feature of your business, look into your competition. Search for your similarities and write down the differences you have. By the end of your research, you will have at least one factor that defines your brand differently from the rest.

Research Your Target Audience

Once you have defined your brand, research your target audience to develop a real world digital marketing strategy. If you can profile your target audience correctly, you will be able to reach them through your marketing content. Start by determining your potential customers’ age range. Because consumers in varying areas have different preferences, location matters as well. Factor your customers’ average income and lifestyle type into your strategy too. Then, you will be able to put together accurate results regarding their traits and behaviors. Once you have a decent understanding of your audience, you can incorporate effective tactics into your digital marketing strategy.

Set Your KPIs

Additionally, marketing professionals need to set KPIs in order to create successful real world digital marketing strategies. Before you can set specific indicators, you need to benchmark your performance against any unexpected digital marketing trends. Then, you can analyze your previous overall marketing strategy outcomes. Use your results to determine a goal for your marketing team. Set a goal that is both challenging and attainable. Proper goal setting can motivate your team to stay engaged and continuously improve marketing efforts. After all, a digital marketing strategy should consistently increase your ROI, sales and customer engagement. Come up with the best method for measuring your KPIs to ensure that you achieve your digital marketing strategy goals.

Implement A PPC Plan

The most profitable real world digital marketing strategies include combining PPC and SEO as well. Pay-per-click advertising assists marketers in reaching potential customers on multiple platforms. These platforms include social media channels and search engines. By implementing a PPC plan, you increase your reach by bidding for placement on these channels. To execute this type of plan properly, you need to determine which channels will benefit you the most. Use the target market research you previously conducted to figure out which channels your potential customers use more often. Then, you will be able to create a successful real world digital marketing strategy.

Include Influencer Campaigns

Finally, include influencer campaigns in your digital marketing strategy. As you know, marketing teams make a major impact on social media platforms. Channels including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide marketing teams with an abundance of advertising opportunities through influencer marketing. Search for social media users who relate to your brand identity. If you market for a sports clothing company, look for athletic users who wear the same or similar sportswear. Then, ask them to advertise your brand to their large number of followers in exchange for payment. Since consumers are more likely to believe other consumers over the companies selling the products, this is a great tactic for boosting your sales. For this reason, influencer campaigns are an essential part of a modern digital marketing strategy.

Every business needs a successful real world digital marketing strategy. In order to build one properly, begin by defining your brand and how it differs from your competitors. Then, research your target audience to ensure that you produce effective content. Base your KPIs on your previous results and future goals. To combine your efforts, implement a pay-per-click advertising plan to increase your reach. Finally, include influencer campaigns in your strategy to boost your sales. Follow these steps to create a profitable digital marketing strategy that works. And if all this sounds overwhelming, do what most companies do – outsource. There are many agencies out there that are more than qualified to help you. It’s just a matter of finding somebody that ticks all the boxes. For example, here are some of the best Kansas City marketing firms, for folks in the south.