The era of Instagram: you can watch and envy, but as another variant, you can do it yourself instead. There are ways to increase your engagement on Instagram, but when you make visual content it is important for it to be aesthetically pleasing. So, let’s see what we can do about it.

Instagram has changed our lives, becoming a serious tool not only for advertising trends but also for their formation. Two key trends: show everything and show it all as it is. Everyone was tired of imitating a luxurious life in photographs, and everyone rushed to change their interiors. So that as in the photo on Instagram: cozy, stylish, and safe. How to make your interior look like Instagram.

How To Create A Perfect Ambiance For Instagram Shoots?

Stylish interior: set the vector

It doesn’t matter if you plan your interior to live in comfort or to take selfies. It is important to find that stylistic idea that will ensure the integrity and uniform image of the entire space of the house. Style matters.

Dream renovation: trendy bedroom interior

A bedroom is, first of all, a bed, which should be of high quality, comfortable and beautiful. Not only for photos in knitted golfs and with a cup of coffee but also because healthy sleep is a guarantee of a great mood.

How to add creativity to the interior of the bedroom? Start with the original headboard.

Change decor according to the season

Spring, winter, holidays, just according to your mood: change the decor and add fresh colors to the familiar environment.

Instagram interior should be cozy

The easiest way to add coziness is to lay a carpet. With high pile and light colors to walk barefoot and enjoy the aesthetics. Bright and unusual – for an interior accent. In a specific place – to zone the desired part of the room with color and texture. A traditional sofa set or maybe a bookcase can perfectly solve this problem.

Plants in the interior

The lively green decor also requires balance. If you use plants in the interior for beauty, for a feeling of freshness, carefully choose planters, do not turn the room into a greenhouse, focus on plants that are not only unpretentious but also able to stylistically emphasize your interior.

There is little aesthetics in the window sill filled with various unsightly pots. The easiest solution is to choose the same planters, in the same color.

Attention to windows: which curtains are better and whether they are needed at all

Remove the old curtains and reconsider your views on the design of the window as a whole. In addition to ordinary curtains and tulle, there are, for example, Roman, French and roller blinds. Curtains can be hung according to the gradient principle, you can use the original cornices or even replace the curtains with bamboo blinds.

What to do with the ceiling

Many today refuse multi-tiered ceilings in favor of decoration with textiles, mirrors, bamboo, and so on. The ceiling can also be made an accent in the interior.

Textures: for an interior with a special character

Instagram designers and bloggers know how to make a space trendy and original. And one of the most popular “tools” for transforming and adding accents is textures in the interior. Learn to use textures and look for their most effective combinations.

Create color spots

Bold color patches, usually matte, are increasingly being used as interior accents. Bright colors always evoke emotion.

It is better not to abuse the color as a local spot – 2-3 shades are enough.

Exclusive decor

In order for the interior to “cling” and be remembered, high-quality repairs are not enough. Each Instagram interior has original decor that you definitely won’t find in every apartment.

Exclusive decor

Do not rush with such purchases – look for the very ones that are your decor items. The alternative is to make them yourself or order them.

Choosing a color scheme

The combination of colors is the basis on which your stylish interior will be created. Choose a color scheme that you won’t get tired of. Expression is only for accents that can be supported by decor.

No textiles

One of the features of Instagram interiors is textiles, which delight even when looking at the photo. Playing with textures is good for living in the interior, and for frequent shooting with an easy change of locations.

Make your dining area stylish

Numerous photos of luxurious dining areas spurred many to renovate. Take ideas from professionals from Instagram – they generously share various techniques that will help make our life beautiful and comfortable, not only in the photo.

Natural materials and natural textures are always in fashion

Despite the abundance of advice on how to make an imitation of brick, stucco, and other design elements, naturalness still rules.

Among the trends are still the Scandinavian interior( albeit gradually losing its main position)tropical design, rattan, minimalism, eco-interiors, terrazzo, and yellow color.

Keep balance when decorating walls

The main thing is not to overdo it when creating a “wow” effect for the walls. It is important to find a balance between a featureless wall and an abundance of wall decor. Mirrors, paintings, and photographs are classic tools that should be used sparingly and in accordance with the chosen style.

Fashionable interior: is it possible to repeat

Dreaming of a trendy interior “like that blogger’s”, be aware of the fact that you can only repeat the design exactly with the help of professionals and a certain budget. Use photos as a springboard: collect ideas, gradually construct an image of the ideal interior in your head, and only then create your own.