Cosmos and Solana have been the talk of the crypto town this year. Both the owner companies are working on transformational technologies ad promise a great future. This has led many crypto investors to invest in both the currencies on the exchange or atleast one of them. If you are one of them, you can want to Exchange Cosmos for SOL or vice versa. If that is the scenario, then a platform like Alligat0r can be of much help as it helps perform a transparent and easy transaction for exchange in a matter of minutes. You really do not need to be a rocket scientist to exchange currencies. In fact, exchanging currencies are the easiest things to do in the crypto market. Keep reading on to follow the simple steps of exchanging cryptocurrencies. 

How to convert Cosmos to SOL?

After you visit Alligat0r, 

  • You need to select the pair of cryptocurrencies that you want to convert, in this case, Cosmos to Solana. 
  • Then enter all the details of the address that you want to send your coins to. Be careful with this step since one wrong piece of information can divert the coins to a completely different individual. 
  • Select the kind of rate you want to complete the transaction on. The two kinds of rates are fixed and floating rates. 
  • You can check the number of coins you will receive for the transaction. 
  • Enter all the details of the coins you want to pay with and make the payment. 
  • You will receive your coins at the desired address. 

This is a very simple method to follow and remember. A similar method is used for crypto exchanges, and Alligat0r is a perfect choice for such exchanges. The platform not only allows exchanges, but one can also track live prices and examine past performances. So, suppose you are looking for a safe and reliable platform for exchanging currencies or checking cryptocurrency prices for convert. In that case, Alligat0r should be the only choice. 

Why is exchanging currencies beneficial?

Individuals involved in the crypto market understand the relevance of currency exchange as it is also a form of investment. But the primary aim of the exchange was to return the fiat currency invested by an individual in cryptocurrencies. Later a more people realized the potential of cryptocurrencies and decided to hold it long-term. In such scenarios having the option to exchange currencies is a major bonus. For example, if you have $10 of Cosmos and $10 of Solana. If the price of Cosmos goes down by $1 and the price of Solana goes up by $1, you can transfer it to Solana and make a profit of $2. You, as an investor, can enjoy the best of both worlds for both currencies or use any opportunity to jump ships and invest in a currency, you may have originally wanted. The process of transfer is very simple and is similar to fiat currency exchange. Except in the case of the crypto exchange, the money is sent directly to the desired address, and the entire transaction is digital. The underlying blockchain of the exchange verifies and validates transactions ensuring taht security is maintained at all times. Alligat0r provides a very easy platform that can be accessible by all and takes care of security purposes and makes exchanging of currencies hassle-free. 

How many SOLs can I get for 1 Cosmos?

There is no fixed answer for this question since the price of Cosmos and Solana both fluctuate a lot. But the individual who will exchange can choose a certain fixed rate to sell it at. Also, the number of coins that can be gained depends on the user who is exchanging. But there is no need to worry since you can check the number of coins received on a transaction on Alligat0r. You can also track live prices to help you grab the right opportunity to exchange.