Considering how there are tons of restrictions when it comes to downloading and using Apple music on different streaming platforms and devices, everyone out there is looking for different converters that they can use in order to easily convert your Apple music files to different compatible formats.  

In this article, we are going to introduce to DRmare Audio Converter, the ultimate tool that you can use in order to convert your Apple music files with ease. This amazing and specialized audio solution makes sure that you decrypt your Apple music files, iTunes MP4 songs, different audiobooks, and AXX files while preserving the overall quality of the files. DRmare Audio Converter is available for both Windows and MAC. 

Here Are The Top Features Of DRmare Audio Converter:

1. The Most Advanced Decryption Technology

One of the reasons why the DRmare Audio Converter is the ultimate converter is because of its advanced decryption technology making it a perfect audio restriction removal tool available on both the popular operating systems. With its ability to unlock different types of protected files including Apple and iTunes music files, audiobooks, and several other iOS file formats. 

DRmare Audio Converter is your all-round performer when it comes to converting audio files allowing you to stream your favorite music files in an effortless way. 

2. Easy Conversion Of Protected And Non-Protected Your Favorite Audio Files

Not only you get to work on decrypted Apple music files, but you can also use DRmare Audio Converter on popular movie files, playlists, and music albums. You get to convert all these music files with the help of the DRmare Audio Converter in just a few simple steps. 

Moreover, the converter is compatible with multiple audio formats including M4A, AAC, WAV, MP3, and much more. Considering all this, DRmare Audio Converter provides you an efficient solution saving you a lot of money as there is no need for you to buy subscriptions to all these different streaming services along with no restriction on your favorite music files. 

3. Multiple Customization Options

Another reason why this audio converter is a great choice is the customization options that it offers to its users. With the help of the DRmare Audio Converter, you get to create exclusive music files that can be easily personalized and converted according to your requirements. You can easily adjust and change the output quality and trim the length of your audio files. 

Besides all this, users also get an in-built ID tag editor that allows them to easily edit the ID3 tags of their music files including the genre, year, artist details, composter, etc. Moreover, audio parameters and effects can be adjusted according to your preferences quite easily. 

4. Blazing Fast Conversion Speed

The most common problem that you face while using random converters is their poor conversion speed. With the intuitive and easy interface that you get with DRmare Audio Converter, you can easily convert your favorite music files with ease that too at a blazing speed of 30X. This way you can convert hour-long audio files in mere minutes while maintaining the overall quality of your video file. 

5. 100% Quality Perseverance

While using ordinary converters you always get a serious loss in the quality of your audio file. DRmare Audio Converter provides the option of converting your files without any loss in your audio quality at all. With this outstanding feature, this converter is definitely a really good choice. While converting your audio files you just have to choose “Keep Lossless Quality” while selecting the output format. This way you get to preserve the quality, bit rate, audio codec, sample rate, and much more of your converted file. 

User Guide

In this section, we are going to take a look at 5 easy steps that users need to follow as they convert their music files with the help of the DRmare Audio Converter. 

Step 1:

You start with the installation of the DRmare Audio Converter on your PC and thereby launching the software. This will also launch the iTunes on your PC automatically as well. In the below screenshot you can get a look at the primary screen.

Step 2:

In this step, you import your audio files by choosing one of the options that are there at the bottom right of the screen. If you are interested in converting audio files that are encrypted then you have to choose the left button with the music note symbol while for common files you have the choose the other button.
Moreover, users also get the option of drag and drop irrespective of the type of files that they choose.

Step 3: 

Thereafter, you just have to customize the output settings for the files that you want to convert. Here, you choose the file format that you need after the conversion of your audio file along with the multiple output option that DRmare Audio Converter has to offer.

Step 4: 

Once you are ready with your personalized settings, you can start with the conversion of your audio files. Depending on the number of tracks that you are converting you will get optimum conversion speed. 

Step 5:

Now that you are ready with fully converted audio files you can locate them and move them to different devices according to your needs. 


With DRmare Audio Converter you get a powerful and versatile audio converter that offers you multiple conversion options and an easy interface so that you can easily convert your favorite audio file with ease. The free upgrade, 24/7 customer support, and 30 days money-back guarantee really compliments this software. After testing out this software, I would highly recommend this useful converter to all the readers.