If you have a collection of old family photos, you may wonder what they look like after getting colorized. Turn black and white photos into colorized ones and bring them a new life. It is also much fun to colorize historic photos and give the unforgettable past a new look.

Why do you need AI Photo Colorizer?

Based on the latest techniques in deep learning, AI Photo Colorizer can automatically and naturally add color to your old photos and make them look like realistic color photos. AI Photo Colorizer is trained to predict the colors of the people and objects in a photo, but it could be wrong sometimes. For example, a skirt could be colorized in red but it is actually white. However, on the whole, the output photo is managed to be natural and of high quality. Let’s give the photo below a quick look to have a better view of the performance.

Steps to Colorize Old Photos with Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Then you may need a simple-to-use and powerful AI Photo Colorizer to help you automatically colorize a photo. Vance AI Photo Colorizer is absolutely something that you can’t miss. Its interface is clean and simple so that you can colorize a photo within 3 steps with it. Although it is quite a fool-proof tool, its performance is pretty amazing, even comparable to some professional photo editing products. Therefore, it’s no use to spend a lot of time on learning how to colorize a photo with complicated software. Colorize old photos with Vance AI Photo Colorizer and it only takes you 3 steps.

Step1: Open this AI Photo Colorizer and upload a proper photo.

Step2: Select and click “Start” to begin

Step3: Download the colorized photo when it’s done

Why choose Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

Vance AI Photo Colorizer features in fast processing speed and a simple interface. It only takes less than 5 seconds to colorize a photo. Adding its brilliant performance, this AI Photo Colorizer could be a great help if you want to colorize black and white photos automatically and easily. You don’t need to download and install a software to do that. Just access to its webpage and upload a photo, then this AI Photo Colorizer will do the rest for you. No manual work is involved and no specific skill is required during the process.

Besides AI Photo Colorizer, Vance AI provides a wide range of AI solutions to professional photographers, photo lovers and even those who don’t know anything about photography because all you need to do is to choose a tool, upload a photo and save the result when it’s done.

For instance, Vance AI Image Sharpener is able to sharpen blurry images and make the lines sharper and clearer. Vance AI Image Enlarger is designed to enlarge images without losing quality and even enhance the quality if you need. Enlarge the image pixels but don’t produce blurry or pixelated images, that’s what Vance AI Image Enlarger is doing.

If you think the old photos that you want to colorize are bit blurry, you can use Vance AI Image Sharpener and Vance AI Image Enlarger to sharpen and enhance these photos before colorizing. In this way, the old photos will be colorized better because of good quality of the original photos.


Vance AI offers safe and effective AI solutions to photo editing. Powered by AI, these solutions are easy-to-use and no photo editing skill is needed. Everyone can use the AI products from Vance AI to make professional and high-quality photos. You don’t need to spend much time on learning Photoshop or other complicated photo-editing software. With Vance AI products, you can remove a photo background, enlarge a photo without losing details, sharpen, denoise or colorize an image within seconds.

A free trial is available now and you can give it a try anytime. Notice that you can only process 5 images for free. For more images, you have to upgrade the plan to enjoy its advanced features. The basic plan with 200 images each month is quite reasonable.