One of the essential strategies that business owners must consider in growing their enterprise nowadays is establishing their online presence—be it through e-commerce platforms, websites, or social media—because in doing so, they can easily reach their target market.

If you’re still starting out, it may be challenging for you to market your products and services on the internet since it’s not as simple as posting what you can offer. In order to find success in that endeavor, getting the help of a white label SEO reseller would be a smart move.

A white label SEO reseller is a company that offers digital marketing solutions for various clients. Some of the core services they provide include content development, link building, web design, keyword research, and on-page audits. However, they’re not the ones who do the actual work in-house but another agency. So to make sure that your partnership with them is worth it, here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a white label SEO reseller:

  • Check Their Reviews

One of the most effective marketing approaches out there is using reviews and recommendations from previous clients to your advantage. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can make or break a business. And if a company has a website or social media account where they advertise their products or services, many consumers would leave positive and negative feedback alike for the public to see.

Before hiring an SEO reseller, make sure to check their performance based on what other agencies who’ve tried their services say about them. There are two common reasons customers would leave a review: either they’re happy and satisfied with the service they received, or they’re disappointed with the outcome of what they paid for. Consider it as a red flag if the negative reviews surpass the number of positive ones. It’s also best to look into how the company responds to feedback.

Aside from checking reviews from past clients, you may also ask the reseller to show their previous projects. Observe how they use white label SEO techniques. Watch out for instances of grammatical errors, keyword stuffing, and fluffy content, among other issues.

  • Look Into The SEO And Monitoring Tools They Use

Make sure that your white label SEO reseller uses effective software and top-of-the-line technological tools that can help in accomplishing SEO tasks efficiently. SEO companies that utilize excellent tools can offer diverse services, making them a one-stop-shop for all your SEO needs.

If they offer a wide range of solutions, this can help you avoid delays because you don’t have to turn to other companies, which is something you might do if the reseller doesn’t have a specific service you require. Employing technological resources would also make them efficient in identifying what your company needs to increase the chances of getting ahead of your competitors.

  • Know How Fast They Can Get The Work Done

Many white label SEO services have a turnaround time of at least 14 days as the job could take months to accomplish depending on the complexity. An SEO reseller that can deliver results more quickly is better. However, good results can’t happen overnight. That’s why you also need to be careful about companies that promise to accomplish the job within an unusually short period, especially if they don’t have the means to expedite the process.

A way for you to know whether they can deliver quality services on time is through their feedback. You may also asses the processes they employ in their operations. They might end up using spammy techniques for the sake of providing fast services that may take a toll on your business in the long run.

  • Assess Their Pricing

There’s a notion that the one offering the cheapest service is always a good catch. In reality, getting assistance from a white label SEO reseller isn’t cheap. Aside from their knowledge and skills, you’re paying for the tools they’ve used, especially since SEO software isn’t free of charge. Services from an SEO reseller that are priced too low might only cover superficial factors of your business.

Price does matter, so you need to ensure that the money you have to spend is worth it for the services you’ll be getting. White label SEO resellers have varying rates. You’ll have to do comprehensive research so you can find the offer most suitable for your budget.

  • Determine Whether They Have Excellent Customer Service

How fast your SEO reseller responds to your queries and how proficient they are in giving you answers should give you an impression of how they do business. If they value customer service, this means they would also value you as their client. Aside from being accommodating, they must have the skills to provide SEO technical support.

If you don’t have an idea about SEO and how it can help you grow your business, the company must be able to give you a framework on what to expect. If you hire an SEO reseller with outstanding customer service, you can be sure that they’ll not only assist you before and during the work proper but provide you with after-sales service as well.

  • Find Out If They Provide SEO Reports

An SEO reseller must proactively report their progress no matter how small it is. By providing updates from time to time, they can give you the assurance that something is being done and that you’re not wasting time dealing with them. If you’re notified of their progress regularly, you can immediately see what needs to be revised, reducing the time you have to review their final work.

Receiving SEO reports from them is a way for you to check whether you’re on the same page. You can easily pinpoint if the things they’ve accomplished are what you’ve visualized for your business.

Final Thoughts

To get optimum results, finding the right white label SEO reseller that can be your partner in building your business’ online presence is a must. To find the right one, check what other people say about how they work and deliver results. Observe how they deal with their clients, how soon they can meet deadlines, and what tools they use. What’s more, see to it that you can afford their services, and make sure that they provide quality reports from start to finish.