There is a wide variety of industries that regularly seek out composite materials.

Composite materials incorporate two or more sub-materials with various properties that, when combined, make a final product far superior to its original form. For this reason, composite materials are generally more robust than traditional engineering materials. 

With their reduced weight of around 20% to 30%, these materials are energy-efficient or increased their performance. Nowadays, they can be manufactured into almost any shape, are lightweight and cost-effective to metals, making them a high commodity in many industries.

Many manufacturers specialize in advanced composites and metallic components to suit the needs of various industries, but not every composite material manufacturer is made equal. It’s essential to consider these factors when deciding on a composite manufacturer: 

Design Around Any Requirements

Clients often look at the thickness, density, materials and orientation when deciding on the appropriate composite part. Depending on your industry, it’s important to know if a manufacturer can create the right composites to suit your needs. Composite parts offer more freedom as the molds can produce curved surfaces with no significant increase in cost. 

Nowadays, there are significantly large parts being manufactured – some as large as the body of a passenger aircraft. This requires a highly reputable composite manufacturer such as Spartec Composites, specializing in manufacturing composite and metallic components for over 40 years.  

Experience with Different Markets

Composite manufacturers can tap into various markets. The best manufacturers are the ones that have decades of experience working for a wide variety of industries. It’s beneficial to work with manufacturers who have experience working with a wide variety of industries but not limited to:

  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Automobiles
  • Construction

The rapid growth in the global composites market is primarily due to the automotive and aerospace industry worldwide. This requires a manufacturer who can take any project from start to finish, from the design and engineering to modelling, quality assurance and fabrication. 

Offers 3D Printing

3D printing is an advanced technology that offers a service never seen before. Essentially, a 3D printer is a laser printer for shapes.

For intricate designs that are too specific and time-consuming by hand, 3D printing provides a solution to prevent errors. You will want to work with a manufacturer who can streamline your process with 3D printing. As designs become too intricate and time-consuming to do by hand, 3D printing has reached the masses to assist in manufacturing in its simplest form. An example, most recently, is the fully reusable, 3D-printed rocket Relativity Space unveiled.

Hand Lay-Up Service

It’s a good idea to work with a composite manufacturer with experience in Hand Lay-Up services. The Hand Lay-Up technique is the oldest method of composite manufacturing but adds a personal touch. Generally, a four-step process, Hand Lay-Up, is now mainly used in marine and aerospace structures. This manual task is for simple, cost-effective parts. 

This service has produced parts for:

  • Horse racing and hockey helmets
  • Retail store fixtures
  • Art sculptures
  • Molds
  • Boats
  • Truck parts
  • Defense parts

When deciding on the appropriate composite manufacturer, look for one that has decades of experience, is a proven leader in the field, and can provide design assistance, process development, and any other capabilities needed to meet your industry’s needs.