Have you ever tried spying on someone but failed? Have you ever thought about reading someone’s messages without even touching their phone? Well, it happens with everyone as we are always keen on knowing what our loved ones are up to. 

Today, we are going to review an application that will allow you to monitor every activity of your loved ones. You can do Android spy without target phone. This application is safe to use and has been helping millions of its users to spy on someone.

Spyine: Top Mobile Monitoring Solution Provider

Spyine is a phone monitoring platform that allows you to monitor anyone’s smartphone without hacking it. It provides an easy and reliable method to its users that does not require you to touch the targeted device every time you wanna access it. 

The good thing about this app is that it respects your data and does not store it anywhere on their server. We found out that this application has been featured on PcMag, Forbes, Android Authority, TechRadar, etc. 

It indicates that the application is really popular among the people and they are enjoying using this platform. The main reason behind the popularity of the application is the fact that it does not require a rooted android device to work.

It means that you can spy on an Android device even if it is not rooted for additional functionality.

How Does It Work?

Spyine does not hack any smartphone and provides some advanced features to spy on the Android device, It works by installing a secret application in the targeted device to monitor all of its activities. 

You will never need to touch their phone after installing the application on their device. It generally syncs the data every 24 hours automatically. They have included some additional safety features that prevent the owner from finding out about the application. 

This application will not be visible in the menu or even in the “installed applications” list. It is probably one of the safest spying processes that you will ever come across. 

Features Of The Spyine Application

Spyine offers some mind-blowing monitoring features that will allow you to check every single file in the targeted device. Below are some of the main features of this application.

Whatsapp Spy:

This feature is the ultimate answer to all the Whatsapp spying queries. Spyine allows you to monitor the WhatsApp messages of the targeted device with a single. 

Snapchat Spy:

Snapchat spy feature allows you to monitor all the Snapchat activities of the targeted device. You can check all the updated videos without letting the owner know about it. You can also use stealth mode to make sure you are not monitored by anyone while doing it.

Location Tracking:

With this feature, you can track the location of anyone you want. Just click the “geo-location” option and check all the places visited by the person. You can also know their live location if their android device is connected to the internet.  

Call Tracking:

Now you can track and view all the call records of your loved ones. You can check who they call and the call duration for every contact. Additionally, you can record their live calls if you happen to be online when they are making the call.

Browsing History:

It will allow you to monitor the browsing history of the targeted device. It is recommended for those parents who want to have parental control on their children’s devices.

The list goes on with the amazing features of Spyine. Navigate to Spyine to know more about their features.

Advantages Of Spying application

Let’s have a look at the advantages of using the Spyine platform. Some of them are:


We were shocked to know that Spyine provides all these features for only $10.83/month. This is far better than those scam applications that charge you hundreds of dollars for doing nothing at all.

Stealth Mode:

This is something rarely seen in the spying applications. This application works in stealth mode which means that your information is hidden from the server and the targeted device. Android spy without a target phone can be challenging without this feature.

How To Use Spyine?

You can use this application by following these 3 steps:

Step 1: Create A Free Account

Visit the Spyine’s website and create a free account there, by filling in some basic public details. You can check the demo version of this application in the free account. However, you need to subscribe to a plan to spy on someone’s device.

Step 2: Verify The Device

Verify the android device by installing the Spyine application in the targeted device. This application will be hidden from the menu as soon as the installation is complete.

Step 3: Monitor The device

That’s all. You are all set to monitor all the activities of the targeted device. Just go to the dashboard and click on any of the features you want to use. It will show all the data you want to see in your online Spyine account. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Safe To Use?

Spyine application is safe to use as it does not store your data. Additionally, it does not harm the targeted device.

2. Is There Any Plan For More Devices?

There are different devices for different user requirements. You can subscribe to the premium plan to monitor the activities of all your employees.

3. Can I Access Spyine on Any Device?

Spyine works with the online account that can be accessed by any device in any web browser,


After considering all these facts, we can say that Spyine is one of the best spying solutions you will come across. It provides such an easy and affordable way to monitor an Android device remotely.

You can trust this application as it works with private keys and does not store your data anywhere. The fact that you do not need to root an android device makes it better than most of its competitors. 

It is safe to say that Spyine is one of the most effective android spyware in the world. Check it out yourself by using the demo version of this application.