The travel industry is one of the business categories that is considered very risky, looking from a payment processing point of view. It’s all because of its nature. Travel merchant accounts are susceptible to an elevated level of chargebacks and fraud.

Because of the high risk that the travel industry brings, the choice of payment processing partner is crucial. You need to be sure that your payment processing specialist has years of experience in working with the travel-related businesses, as the industry is unique and has its share of unique situations you and your specialist will need to deal with.

Since working with travel-related businesses is risky, you need to be aware that you might pay more for services than other people. However, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be reasonable and affordable. They should.

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Another thing is that your specialist should be able to set up the account quickly and efficiently. After all, the sooner it is up, the sooner you can start earning money. They should also have the protocols and processes in place to make sure that the credit card payments are going smoothly.

Since the travel industry is considered as high risk from a payment processing standpoint, it can be challenging to obtain a merchant account not only from normal banks but also from most payment processing companies. In a similar situation are the collecting agencies, which are also considered as high risk. To find out how you can open a collection agency merchant account, check out the infographic below.