Are you looking to make great explainer videos for your brand’s corporate needs? Then learn how you can fish out the best explainer video companies among the throes of options out there.

More businesses are using explainer video services to create their corporate content. And this move is beneficial considering how superbly videos perform in business marketing. In 2022, 88% of consumers showed interest in watching more brand videos. So, with numbers like these, explainer videos should find a way into your branding and promotion plans.

Yet as explainer video production becomes more popular, thousands of companies and firms roam the net peddling themselves as the best in the field. But as a client, you need to pick right, so your business can enjoy the full benefits of these services. It’s why you should follow these tips when looking for the best explainer video company for your business needs.

Research their background

Once you find an explainer video company that tickles your fancy, do a background check on their work and experience. Carefully analyze their portfolio and previous works. Confirm if their staff is of excellent professionalism and skill. Ensure the reputation matches the hype and expertise they’ve promoted. And check if their video styles suit your brand’s personal tastes.

Compare the Pricing vs. Budget

Explainer video production companies come in different price ranges, so ensure the one you choose can work with your budget. Don’t just stop at their overall price tags; check how much they set for individual styles of video. If they offer full-service production, confirm if it matches your pocket. Note that companies that specialize in animated explainer video services may be pricier than others. Zelios Agency, for instance, charges from as low as %1800 for animated video projects.

Check Their Response Speed

Test how quickly they respond to inquiries and questions, as this is an indication of how swiftly they’ll communicate during the project. Also, confirm if they have a project manager that liaison with all activities before, during, and after production. Note that some animated video service providers include an automatic mail to give you a response before they entertain your questions. You want a company that is fluid with improvement requests, questions, and ideas that may pop up during the scheduled time.

Check their Work Quality

The best explainer video production companies will house every process required to deliver the best work. For instance, if you’re considering an animated explainer video production firm, confirm if they’ll handle all areas of the production starting from scripting to storyboarding, illustration, and design. Also, check if they strive to match your project with the quality levels required by the current market. You should also check how their previous work has performed metric-wise: likes, shares, views, conversion rates, and other analytics.

Ask for References

The best explainer video production companies are those that gather tons of positive reviews from satisfied clients. So, check if their previous work has met positive acclaim. Ask colleagues in the field if they’re any good. If you have the contacts of brands who previously solicited their services, ask how they fared. And ask the company to give you references you can question to confirm their production prowess.

Where to Find the Best Explainer Video Company?

You need not scroll through address books and web pages to find the right explainer video company for your brand. Simply pick Zelios Agency and you’ll be on your way to boosting your business’s online presence. Our highly professional team has worked with hundreds of satisfied and successful brands over the years, producing captivating content that excites the audience. And our animated video agency has created some of the best explainer videos on the market, spanning different styles and unique concepts.