Such a tool as a commercial outdoor shower is very popular nowadays. It is installed in private areas, on commercial premises, and even on the streets, if the area is intended for swimming, recreation, and sports.

Experts recommend taking a shower before and after visiting the public pool to get rid of possible bacteria and comply with sanitary standards. If it is necessary to equip the territory, then you can purchase a custom-made shower in aquatica tubs, taking into account certain parameters and functional features.

A pool shower: main features

When looking for an outdoor shower for a pool, it is very important to consider all its distinctive features. If the installation will be outdoors, then the best option is a solar shower for the pool. It is distinguished by cheap energy, and environmental safety and does not harm the environment at all. Such designs are compact, mobile, and easy to connect and use.

An outdoor shower for a pool simply needs to be equipped with a flexible hose, which is connected to a tank to supply water. It is also possible to have heating if the user is not sure that the sun will bring the liquid to a comfortable temperature.

Cold water can also be added to the tank if it turns out that it is too hot and bathing causes discomfort. The main thing is to fully use the entire tank because the liquid can stagnate, and bacteria will begin to develop there.

How to choose a shower?

You can install a shower near the pool or in a separate bathing area. You can additionally buy a mixer with several levers to regulate hot and cold water if it is supplied from different tanks.

When choosing a shower, you should look at:

  • frame material;
  • lining type;
  • dimensions;
  • seasonality;
  • connection method to the water tank;
  • pallet.

It is best to give preference to metal surfaces that are pre-protected from corrosion. They can handle high loads.