SR9009 or exercise in the pill. This interesting but not yet famous drug drew our attention and we decided to write the article about sr9009 sublingual bioavailability, or if we say in human language about how it works, what to expect, how to take it and other necessary information and recommendations. Enjoy reading!

What Is SR9009 And How It Works?

From the first sight SR9009 can be easily confused with SARMs. However it is not right. Reverol (SR9009, Stenabolic) is a new drug that increases metabolic activity in skeletal muscle. The main effects of taking the drug are a decrease in adipose tissue, an increase in endurance and performance. The drug mimics the effect of physical activity, which allows you to fight excess weight without resorting to physical exercise. 

The drug is under development at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and its effects on the human body are still being studied. But it does not belong to SARMs for other reasons. It is because of its chemical structure. SR9009 binds and activates the REV-ERBα protein, which affects lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver, is responsible for the creation of fat cells and the response of macrophages (cells that eliminate dying or dead cells) during inflammation.

As it was stated in the head of the article – it has low bioavailability. But what does it mean?  In pharmacology, bioavailability is a subcategory of absorption and is the fraction (%) of an administered drug that reaches the systemic circulation. To make it more simple – it means that with stenabolic you can’t reach significant results in no time. Some athletes even say that it does not work at all. But don’t get fooled. Everything works in proper hands. So, despite sr9009 sublingual bioavailability it can still surprise you. What is also important, SR9009 is still legal! It can be sold only on the `not for human consumption` label, because it is still being studied, but it doesn’t change anything. You can buy it anytime anywhere (except Australia lol sorry)

Benefits and Side Effects

This thing works like constant artificial exercise even if you sit on the coach. Just like that magical pill you have been dreaming off. As it connects with a special protein, this process interferes with other chemical processes of creating glukosa. This, in turn, makes your body consume all the stocks it made before, making you lose weight. Simple and efficient. Moreover, SR9009 affects our circadian rhythm a lot. It means that your day now lasts longer. Finally you have enough time to pet your cat and push some weight. Moreover, you have enough energy for that. Because it also gives you an energy boost. 

Side effects are not that serious. To be more exact there are no side effects at all. But the fact we do not see them does not mean that there are no side effects at all. All we want to say is that as it was merely mentioned, stenabolic has not yet been tested on the human body, only on mice. They liked it, a lot, actually. We hope that you will like it too, however you should be very cautious and tell your doctor all the information if something happens. Maybe he will receive an award in the field of study of stenabolic side effects and all of this thanks to you! We should also tell you that there are possible side effects such as insomnia or headaches. They come from stenabolic`s chemical nature.

Stacks and Cycles  

Due to sr9009 sublingual bioavailability stacks are really good options. Stenabolic is very dosage dependent. Most sportsmen agree that dosages vary between 10 mg for newbies and 40mg for pros, and that there is no need to take more than 50mg of it. Stacks depend on your purpose. For example, there is a sample for Bulking Cycle. It includes 10mg of stenabolic ED + 20mg ED of Ligandrol + 10mg ED of YK11. It is better to split up doses on two equal parts. And do not take stenabolic right after the food, there is an information that in this case it simply won’t work. Stacks cycle usually require post cycle therapy because of the other gears. However, if you take SR9009 solo you do not need pct. You can start with small dosages from 10 to 20 mg each day during the first four weeks. Then raise it on 10 mg, making it from 30 to 40 mg in two administrations each day during weeks 3-4. And finally you can take from 30 to 50 maximum mg during weeks 5-8. You can experiment a little and try to find your own perfect dose, but just be careful. 


Reverol is a brand new drug on the market, quite a dark horse. It needs to go through hell a lot of tests before it can be safely and fully approved on humans, but even now it can show us quite nice results with low pain in the ass because it does not even have serious side effects. Despite the fact that SR9009 looks like something you have been dreaming about all your fat life, you still need to be very careful and vigilant, make workouts, be on a healthy diet and do health checks.