You might have been thinking about starting up your own spa business for some time now – and in a newly-decentralized world where more and more people are working from home, now might just be the perfect time. The market for to-your-door services is only growing, and to be able to turn a passion into your primary source of income would be a dream. But where to start?

Define Your Services

It’s important for you to define exactly what your new spa business will offer to prospective customers. Do any specific treatments interest you, or do you want to offer the full spa experience? It might be that you have a particular interest in a niche offering – for example holistic remedies, guided meditations or a specific massage style – that isn’t easy to come by in your area. Use can leverage this when you eventually launch your business, allowing you to corner the market in a unique way and guarantee new custom. Conversely, you might want to offer the whole shebang – manicures and pedicures, waxing treatments, body soaks, facials – and launch your business as a one-stop shop for mobile spa treatment. The choice is yours!

Get Qualified

If you’re going to be the one administering the spa treatments, you’ll need to become a qualified Beauty Therapist first. This involves completing NVQs Level 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy, a course you can enroll in at many colleges – or, if you have the money and wish to fast-track yourself to qualification, private beauty schools.

If you’re intending to offer more specific treatments than covered by the NVQ – for example, certain massage styles – you might want to seek out a separate qualification as a masseuse. Not only are you legally covered, but you can use your diplomas to advertise the quality of your service. 

Source Your Equipment

Thankfully, setting up for a mobile spa business is far cheaper than the costs incurred from having a permanent space – with little in overheads, you can keep more of your profits. You can also justify travelling light, eliminating the need for certain bulky/costly items in your arsenal.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to think about sourcing such items as a portable masseuse’s chair, various linens, and of course treatment materials such as essential oils, face masks, and the various ingredients you might use for your unique treatments. There are two crucial investments you might not have already reckoned with, though – a card reader, and a car. The card reader allows you to take card payments wherever you go, eliminating the need to carry a cash float with you. Meanwhile, an inexpensive car from a Kia dealer in Northern Ireland could save you a fortune in bus fares, and the indignity of carrying your materials with you on public transport.

Launch Your Business

All that’s left is to launch your business! Social media is absolutely your friend here, as with mobile spa treatments your clients might be a little further afield. Think of a name for your brand that represents the kinds of treatments you offer, and launch yourself on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to post unique content on each account, hashtag your posts well, and consider running regular competitions to boost your engagement and draw in new customers.