2020 has certainly brought a lot of things to a standstill – from weddings and baby showers to inaugurations and housewarmings. Businesses too are left wondering if anything would ever be the same. Truth be told, one of the most severely COVID-impacted sectors in the market today is real estate. Businesses in the real estate industry will have to reinvent themselves to understand, comprehend, plan and implement in new innovative ways to meet the emerging new requirements. The real estate sector needs to go back to the drawing board – exploring new innovations and incorporating new technologies such as construction technologies, home automation, IoT or AI. There is also a novel need to incorporate altered norms of social distancing, mobility, density and health considerations. 

According to media reports, urbanisation is not going to stop, but will slightly slow down in the aftermath of the pandemic for some time. Accordingly, the demand for all asset classes is going to be there and increase over the time. However, the product and factors which would excite the customers shall be different from what we have today. Possibly living in the crowded downtown may not remain the preferred choice and the demand may prop up for satellite townships, offering much better quality of life. The marketing of properties will undergo changes and the focus will be on specifics which are included to make them feel safe. Be it appropriate public spaces, voice activated controls, safer centralised air conditioning, larger lifts etc. 

No matter what the changing trends, the truth remains that the real estate business is tough right now, but the right app can help you sell more properties. Real estate apps are the future. 

Let’s look at how real estate businesses can build a real estate app and what the best tools for the job are. 

We Recommend Builder Studio By Builder.ai

Builder Studio makes it easy, fast and cost-effective to build your app for iOS, Android and web. It also helps you run, and scale it too. A real estate app can be a lifesaver in that it frees up time from tedious admin chores, so you can concentrate on what you’re good at….selling houses.  

Some Of The Must-Have Real Estate App Features 

Any realtor or estate agent needs a feature-packed mobile app to succeed in this highly competitive industry. Here are a few features Builder Studio helps you with:

Property Search 

Enables users to discover properties listed on your app. Make finding their dream home simple with a smart, easy-to-use search feature.  


You need this so your app users can sort and filter your properties. Cost, property type and location are helpful ways to filter property search results. And you can add any others you want.

Shortlist Properties

This is one of the most important features to have in your real estate app. It lets your app users shortlist the properties they like, remove or add extra ones later on. 

Live Chat

Live chat or chatbots help you to connect with potential customers while they’re using your app. Helping them through live chat, makes it much easier to convert them into customers. 

Lead Capturing

To convert your app users into customers, you need their data. Lead capturing or “get in touch with us” feature captures your app users’ data and sends it to you.

Geo Listing

This isn’t essential but it could be a smart additional feature of your app if you only show properties listed in your user’s location. 

Visit Booking 

“I want to visit your property.” These are the words, every realtor or a property dealer wants to hear. This feature allows you to capture the data of all interested customers.

What You Can Expect With Builder Studio

Builder Studio builds industry-standard apps that not only fulfill your business needs but also sync with other property discovery platforms, APIs and MLS. Here’s what you can expect.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

MLS allows you to sell other broker’s properties on your mobile app or website using a centralised-shared property database. This facility means you can make money while displaying and selling other dealer’s properties, under an agreement where you share a commission.

IDX Integration

Builder Studio ensures that real estate apps are ready to integrate with the IDX system. That means you can connect or disconnect with MLS (see above), anytime you want. It’s not just a one-time integration but a plug and play – where you can add or remove MLS from your app, whenever it suits your business. 

Why We Think Builder Studio is Your Best Choice

The success of your mobile app depends on its functionality, the marketing you do for it and the number of properties listed there. Today, it’s very difficult to operate your business without having marketable digital assets that not only display your products but also generate leads and business for you.

Builder Studio has helped numerous realtors to put their business online and can transform your business too. The best part? With a single click, you can start building your real estate mobile app without coding a single line.