There’s no denying that most of us use social media on a daily basis. It offers the perfect medium for us to catch up on the latest happenings in the world today. Plus, it allows us to connect with friends and family members in a convenient way.

Social media also offers the perfect platform for us to build up a professional network. Services like LinkedIn make it easy to connect with like-minded professionals and work colleagues. These days, social media is crucial in the business world. For instance, it’s one of the ways that companies can head-hunt people for jobs.


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On the subject of jobs, employers can learn more about a person by seeing what interests them online. So, there are many good reasons to build up a professional network on social media. But, what are the best ways of doing so? Here are a few top tips that you need to know:

Stick with LinkedIn

Other professionals don’t really want to see pictures of your cat or funny memes. Well, they might but not in a business setting. Instead, they want to learn about what drives and motivates you at work.

The primary social network that they’ll try to discover that information in is LinkedIn. It’s the world’s biggest professional social network and gets used by millions of people. If you want to grow your professional network, curating a LinkedIn profile is the way to do it.

If you haven’t already got on, go to the LinkedIn website and create a new, free profile today. You can upgrade to a premium profile. But, I recommend starting out with the free one for now. That way, you can get a feel for the social network.

Connect with professionals that you know

Next, you should add people you know to your circle. The professionals that you add might be past and present employers and work colleagues. You might even add some clients that you get on well with.

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Don’t turn your LinkedIn profile into one where you befriend the entire planet. Instead, stick with people that you actually know! If you must add “unknowns” stick with people that you wish to network with in real life.

Identify influential leaders

The thing about LinkedIn is that you can “follow” influential people in your industry. This gives you an insight into upcoming trends, for example. And it shows to your network the things that interest you.

When it comes to social media for professional networking, LinkedIn is the top choice. You’ll be able to identify influential leaders and view new public content they post.

Share some content of your own

Regardless of the social network you use, one thing’s for sure. You must share content with other people in your network! For example, let’s say that you are an IT professional. You should consider sharing trending news stories or even white papers.

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It’s likely that others in your network will have an interest in the topics that you like.

Good luck!