Health chatbots have proven to be the most helpful AI in the healthcare industry. They have given many benefits to both patients and medical professionals. 

However, if you are thinking of building one, then there are some things that you must know and some steps that you must follow to ensure that you end up creating a useful health chatbot.

These health chatbots can guide a person through a treatment, help them diagnose their illness, and reduce their efforts and time in making appointments with the doctors. If we look at these benefits, then it’s quite right that health chatbots are helpful and can save time and money.

If you want to build a medical chatbot, then you’ll find all the steps that you need to perform in the process. If you are here, we hope you know precisely a health chatbot and why it is crucial. So, before discussing the steps, let’s see the types of health chatbots you can build.

Types of Health Chatbots

The first thing that you need to identify is the type of chatbot that you want to build. So, in short, three primary chatbots are used in the healthcare industry. 

. Informative Chatbots

These are responsible for providing general information and customer support to the users. If a user visits a page of any disease or any article, these chatbots will pop up and help them in giving information.

.Conversational Chatbots

They are built to have a contextual conversation with the user based on their intentions. If a user asks the bot about symptoms of a particular disease, then these chatbots will help them give the details of the symptoms and answer the question asked depending upon its ability.

. Prescriptive Chatbots

They provide a proper direction or a path towards treating the disease that a person is suffering from. Moreover, they provide therapeutic solutions, as well. 

Steps to Build a Medical Chatbot

1- Design the Conversation pathway 

The first step towards building a health chatbot is to design its conversation. Once you have chosen a type of health chatbot that you want to develop, the next thing to do is set the conversation pathway that the chatbot will have with the user, depending on its type. While designing its path, make sure that it is according to the type you have chosen, because an informative chatbot will not deliver the conversion of a prescriptive chatbot. 

2- Select The Right UI

The only thing that will ensure that the users get a healthy and good conversation with your health chatbot is the User Interface. If you select a wrong or a poor UI, it’ll not be useful, and the users will not get a good experience. So, it’s essential to choose the right UI for your chatbot. Please use modern techniques as it is a compassionate part of a human and machine interaction, and it can provide a customer experience to your users.

3- Combine Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

A standalone health chatbot is not enough to achieve better results because sometimes they also need help from professional healthcare to give answers. What you can do is, make a hybrid chatbot by combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence. The chatbot will become more effective, and whenever it doesn’t know the answer, the conversation will be handed to the responsible person.

4- Design a Chatbot That Gives a Natural Conversation

No one loves to interact with a chatbot that doesn’t provide natural interaction. So, it’s crucial to use Natural Language Processing and some understanding tools to enhance the chatbot’s context, which can deliver a good interaction.

5- Train and Test

Before releasing the chatbot, it’s essential to train it properly in give=ing the suitable replies. Once you think that the chatbot is trained, you need to test it first for any technical errors.

6- Make it HIPAA Compliant

Well, it’s quite essential to make sure that the health chatbot you’re building is HIPAA compliant and has enough safeguards to protect the medical data of all the users.


So, these are the steps that you need to follow for building a health chatbot for your app or website. All these steps mentioned are essential for building an effective and useful health chatbot.