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How To Build A Fully Working Prototype of Your Product Idea 

How To Build A Fully Working Prototype of Your Product Idea

Let’s say that you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a product. You’ve thought about how it will work, and what it might look like. Your research shows that there isn’t a similar product on the market already.

You think that you’ll be able to create a product where there is no competition in the market. That’s brilliant news, right? The only problem is; how do you build a working prototype of your idea?



Let’s face it; you will need a working prototype so that you can pitch your product idea to investors. After all, no-one will invest with you unless they can see your idea in action!

I will assume you have no prior experience of building a working prototype. Today, you will learn how to achieve that goal thanks to this useful blog post. Here is what you need to know:

Use a CAD program to design your product

Having an idea for something new and exciting is one thing. But, it’s another to have some visualized on a computer for others to see! CAD or Computer-Aided Design software gets used for such purposes.

Use a CAD program to design your product

You can create a 3D visualization of your product idea and show people how it works. CAD software allows you to design every aspect. That means you can design both the cosmetic appearance and the inner workings of your product.

If you’re not sure how to use CAD software, it’s worth hiring someone that does. That’s because CAD drawings get used by 3D printers to build your prototype.

Build a “raw” prototype

When you create your first prototype, it should get built for function only. Cosmetics doesn’t matter too much at this stage. Why? Because you need to check that everything works “in real life” as it does on your computer screen!

It’s easier (and cheaper) to design and build a raw prototype first. You can then make any adjustments in the CAD drawings.

Build a “concept” prototype

So you’ve made the various functional changes needed to your design. It’s now time to create a prototype that looks good AND functions! At this stage, you now have to create a “concept” prototype. Here, you will be building a prototype to gauge people’s feedback.

The thing about coming up with a design is that you’ll need to make alterations to it. Your test audience will tell you if any flaws or issues need addressing. It’s impossible for just one person to do all manner of testing! That’s why you need the help of other persons.

Build a “working” prototype

By now, you’ll have had a lot of feedback from your various product testers. You now need to determine which issues need addressing. Only fix things that cause problems. Otherwise, you’ll spend an eternity trying to make your product perfect!

As time goes on, you can release revisions to your product when you gain more product feedback. For now, you only need to build a marketable working prototype.

Thanks for reading today’s article. Good luck!

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