Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand your professional network or you’re an enterprise trying to recruit the next star employee, LinkedIn marketing tools will help you get more relevant engagements with your leads. As one of the world’s most popular professional networking sites and with LinkedIn’s increasing user base, it is considered one of the top platforms for boosting social media visibility. Let’s see how LinkedIn’s marketing tool can benefit you.

First, let’s start with what LinkedIn marketing automation is.

LinkedIn Marketing Automation 

Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn is challenging, like most other social media platforms. More notably, it demands a considerable amount of time. And if you’re running a business, time is an extravagance you need more of.

And that’s where the LinkedIn marketing tool comes in to automate day-to-day activities.

What is LinkedIn Marketing Tool?

LinkedIn marketing tools are intended to impersonate the human way of behaving as they complete exercises for you on LinkedIn. It is the procedure of using tools to automate activities you would some way or another need to physically perform. Like – sending requests, messaging potential audiences, sending follow-up messages, and many more. Thus, along with time-saving, LinkedIn as a marketing tool also provides certain benefits.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing Tool

There are many benefits of using LinkedIn marketing tools to increase sales.

  • They help you target the right people for the right job. LinkedIn allows you to export data and contact information from your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn marketing automation tools can help you automate your messages, connect with other LinkedIn users, and post updates.
  • With the LinkedIn automation tool handling campaign is easy: you simply go to your LinkedIn account, create your campaign, specify your steps, and then let the tool handle the rest. Once you’ve set up your campaign, you can track your progress and see exactly how effective each outreach message is. 

Continuing from the benefits section, we’ll elaborate on each point precisely.

Target the Right People

Targeting is a central component of running a fruitful campaign -Acquiring your prospects on right leads to increase commitment, and eventually, higher conversion rates. In short, the right targeting helps to build a brand, and add value to your profile.

When individuals complete their LinkedIn profiles, they provide data on their professional experiences, skills, and organization, and that’s just the beginning.

Through LinkedIn, you are delivering your message before the ideal individual when they are generally connected.

LinkedIn targeting is differentiated because members are encouraged to maintain their profiles updated and precise for personal branding, potential contacts, job opportunities, and others. With LinkedIn, you can contact a wider and potential audience like influencers and decision-makers of a company.

This implies you can target individuals utilizing profile-based stats; re-target audiences from your website.

Message Automation

Composing and sending customized messages to your contacts, bang on time, is a dedicated job. For this reason, message automation has turned into an industry standard. Most clients say they have witnessed an improvement in leads because of marketing automation tools.

You need to mind one thing, however, while automating, not to make your messages look spammy. LinkedIn, specifically, has processes to restrict accounts that might seem to be spam accounts.

Hence, it is essential to be careful while using an automated tool to help you with LinkedIn activities. If you want to be on the safer side, you should consider using any of these two types of LinkedIn automation tools.

  • Browser-based
  • Cloud-based

Browser: Browser extension tools are downloaded from your favored browser. These extensions are essentially LinkedIn plug-ins that will help you create and organize your automated messages.


  • It’s important to note that browser extension tools rely on caching. Likewise, a few of these browser-based tools utilize different IP tends each time it runs. By any chance LinkedIn detects this; they could sag off your account as spam and delete it.
  • The tool doesn’t run 24/7. They run only when your browser is open. As they rely on browser catching, one has to use a different IP address every time they log in.

The good news is that there are still some browser extension tools that don’t run on cache or with different IP addresses. Do in-depth research to find one that works for you!

Cloud: Cloud-based LinkedIn marketing tools don’t run to various IP addresses or depend on catching. They are safer as they integrate with your LinkedIn account.


  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Have a variety of personalization tools embedded in their apps.
  • Easier to customize a message to your target demographic.
  • Access to advanced features to help grow your business. 

With all of these features, a cloud-based automation tool overshadows a browser-based counterpart. Thus, they tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, if you succeed in acquiring more leads, and generate more sales, it may be worth the return on investment.

Campaign Automation

LinkedIn automation campaigns are customer-focused marketing automation tools you can set up on LinkedIn to generate revenue. With the help of these tools, you can increase your followers, connect with your existing connections and acquire more leads, customize connection requests, by sending follow-up messages, and many more other advanced features.

LinkedIn automation campaigns can help you bank lots of time on finishing different responsibilities. They can help you maintain a personal touch with your connections and cut back labor-intensive tasks such as composing and sending bulk messages to your connections or sending tailored invites to new connections. This will assist you in scale-up your professional network and make it simple to track down prospective clients.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn is an influential and effective marketing tool for creating leads and generating sales. However, the job and expected to assist you with succeeding can be tedious, frustrating, and complicated.

The key to using LinkedIn marketing tools is networking by finding meaningful connections. If you had been unaware of the LinkedIn marketing tool till now or are not using it yet, you better start today to stay ahead and connected.