Bookmarks in a PDF document are needed for quick navigation through chapters, sections, or files. To modify a PDF file, you need a special editor, such as Adobe Acrobat, or the alternative. However, there is still a question about how to add bookmarks to the finished document. In this article, we will answer this question.

How Does Bookmarking Pages in PDF Help You?

Imagine reading an important document or a large book like Game of Thrones. You just left it on page 312. Apart from the fact that you should never read it in PDF, how are you supposed to return to the same page when you start reading again? The problem has not yet been solved. Even though Adobe has a handy bookmarking tool in the left sidebar, and you can navigate to the indexed pages of the book, but you cannot create your own bookmark in this program. Fortunately, there is a cool solution that allows people to create, edit, and even merge PDF with bookmarks with ease. For this purpose, there is a wide range of software available in the market.

If you are not going to download any type of third-party software, you still have some options on how to mark a text in a PDF file. Some of them will be described below.

How to Bookmark a PDF File Using Markup Tools?

1. Mark the text to simulate a bookmark

You may not be among those who highlight and leave comments on PDF documents. Use this feature to mark the page where you stopped reading if you are using the marking function accurately in Acrobat Reader. The marking tool is represented by the pen symbol in the Adobe Reader toolbar. So, you need to take the following steps:

  • Press on the pen to activate the marker;
  • Select the part of the text you want to bookmark so you can return to it later;
  • Save the PDF file when you close Reader.

Scrolling through pages to a selected mark can be a tedious task. Instead, use the thumbnail view in the left sidebar. Remember, you can always remove the mark as you move through the document. Right-click the selected text (or image) and choose Delete from the pop-up context menu.

2. Bookmark your comment

The Sticky Note tool in the toolbar is also a bookmark alternative. It is the most common way to add comments to a PDF file. You can see it next to the Highlight pen. Sticky Note also gives you the benefit of a timestamp and text area, where you can add your comments. You can easily navigate to the specific comment you added:

  • Open the PDF document in Acrobat Reader;
  • Select View — Tools — Comments — Open.

The list of comments is displayed in the right panel of the document window. It displays all comments in the PDF and also a toolbar with general options such as sorting, filtering, and other options for working with comments. Click on the comment and navigate to a specific location in the document.

3. Making bookmarks in Microsoft Word

In general, to create PDF files with working links, only one program is required — Microsoft Word. You can make almost any PDF documents in it. Set a cursor in the right place on the page or a separate page. Click Links — Content. In the drop-down menu, select Auto-Collected Table of Content 1. Then, select the necessary word, click the Insert — Links — Bookmarks tab. Give a name to the bookmark and click Add. The final step is to create a PDF document. For this purpose, simply save the document in the right format.

In Conclusion

PDF format is a golden standard for corporate document circulation. However, it is also used by individuals to exchange large files, make presentations, or read books. If you find yourself among such people, using bookmarks can significantly simplify your life in terms of file navigation. Now you know at least three ways how you can manually create them. We also recommend paying attention to the software, which will make it possible to work directly in the PDF file. Choose the option that meets your expectations and enjoy the result!