Sales, sales, sales – that’s the aim of the game when it comes to widening those profit margins, especially in a digital world of fast-paced business and fierce online competition. 

Behind most good sales figures, there’s usually a dependable, agile and knowledgeable team driving the action forward. 

For a sales team to truly thrive, they will likely need the guidance of a business-savvy manager with a flair for understanding the target audience. 

If this is starting to sound all-too-familiar, and you think your own digital sales team could do with a helping hand, here are some valuable points to watch out for. 

Make Sure They Know What They’re Selling

This sounds obvious on the surface, but in reality, getting to know the ins and outs of your product or service is exceptionally complex. 

For example, your team may know the basics, but can they answer field-specific questions about the product? Does your team know:

  • Which kind of questions should they be expecting from the customer? 
  • Who is their ideal customer? 
  • What makes the product stand out in comparison to your competitors’ efforts?
  • What are your brand’s values?

A great sales team usually has a granular understanding of the company itself, not just the product. 

A superb way to support them in this area is to create a sales battle card for your team to refer to should they need to better prepare themselves in the future. 

Make Yourself Available

If your sales team needs to reach out to you for guidance, you must be reachable in the first place! 

Having your input available at the touch of a button could be the difference between a sale and a lost lead. 

Plus, it can generally help create a better company culture, one in which the employees feel supported and cared for by the management. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to micromanage your staff at all times – autonomy, freedom and personal responsibility are often strong driving factors behind what makes an independent sales team thrive on their own. 

Your input is important though, and encouraging your employees should be at the top of your agenda. 

Offer Constructive Feedback

Communication is essential in the team-building process; without it, finding the right way to manage and bring out the best in individuals can be excruciatingly difficult. 

Constructive feedback should be part of your communication efforts, as it not only helps your employees to develop their professional skillsets but it establishes a working environment that thrives on free thought. 

Even in the virtual world, when working with a completely remote digital sales team, hosting regular video conferences and committing to clear and effective communication can help people find their stride. 

Put the Customers First

Digital sales can be a tough field of work to navigate. In many ways, it lacks the human touch, a crucial element of what makes sales techniques flourish. 

By helping your team to put the customer first and rekindling the human element of business, despite working digitally, you should be able to expect a rise in sales figures before too long.