Online betting is something that needs you to always have cash. Before you can begin placing wagers on your favourite sports, you need to deposit cash into your sportsbook account. However, it is crucial to know what kind of payment method you can deposit with and how it works. Credit cards are one choice that has long been the basic staple of online betting websites. These come from different brands and are recognised around the world as offering convenient methods of payment.

Using a cash advance to place bets at credit card bookmakers on Casinogap, however, is not like going to a real-world store and only using a PIN number or contactless payment to continue. Alternatively, it takes a little more data to complete. Read further for more details on betting via credit cards.

Credit Card Betting Features

Since credit cards have been used for a long time all over the world in daily life, they’re very well-known. So, whenever you see alternatives like Visa or Mastercard listed within your preferred sportsbook, it’s no surprise. But, besides these two pillar credit cards, there are a few other options available for card payments.

The Gambling Commission has also said that persons are forbidden from using credit cards to make bets in an effort to control problem gambling. The ban, which officially begins on 14 April, comes after the government and the commission have checked the gambling industry.

In Britain alone, a total of 24 million adults allegedly gamble, with 10.5 million of those people gambling online.

Independent commission research found that 22% of online bettors who use credit cards are rated as problem gamblers.

You’ll also notice that prepaid or virtual cards are also sold by some businesses. The firm known as Entropay, which offers virtual Visa cards, has a setup with the famous Visa card service. These require users to top the virtual cards up with cash, but these cards can be used in almost the same way as a regular credit card.

How to Bet?

Of course, while the use of credit cards are quite common in the online betting world, it is also critical to do your research to know if card payment transactions are approved by the site or banned by the UKGC. But once you find the online gambling site that you want to register with, there should be no challenge making a deposit. Credit card deposits are normally immediate transactions, so you can start playing after depositing.  

On the cashier’s deposit tab, you will be prompted to fill certain credit card information available on the body of the card you are using. First of all, it will include a string of numbers running over the front of your selected card, which is normally 16 digits in length. You will also have to input the card’s expiration date afterwards, and even the name that shows on it. You’ll need to insert this data precisely as it occurs on the card.

The last item needed is the CVV2 code that appears on the card’s back strip. This is commonly three or four figures, and for this, each individual credit or debit card features its own unique numbers. You need to type the sum you want to pay into your preferred sportsbook after submitting all these details and click the “Proceed” button. Normally, you will be expected to verify all the information you have submitted and then approve the transaction you want to make.

Credit Card Gambling Features

So, despite how common credit card transactions are, what should you know about using them for betting? Below are the pros and cons.


  •   First of all, credit cards provide you with the chance to make instant deposits. From the minute the payment on the cashier page goes through, the fund is immediately waiting for you to use it as you wish.
  •   With so many virtual sportsbooks, credit card options are available for use.
  •   Most individuals are familiar with how credit cards operate because of how famous brands like Visa and Mastercard are.


  •   When it comes to the available methods of depositing, credit cards can be considered one with great security threats. For example, using a regular credit or debit card, whether it’s a Visa Debit, an American Express, or Maestro choice, means you are revealing your card information to the sportsbook you registered with. That’s why it’s always essential to ensure that the platform is licensed, utilises SSL encrypted technology, and shows the padlock next to the address bar as well. Unfortunately, credit cards are still at risk of being leaked when used online, so you might allow anyone access to your personal information if you don’t look out for appropriate security regulations.
  •   Mastercard sometimes won’t allow you to withdraw via the same deposit method. This, of course, applies to a single form of a credit card.