Sports betting is taking over the globe. The chatter surrounding sports betting has changed professional athletics forever. Pro teams are being sponsored by betting companies and sports betting apps in Canada are becoming a staple in the community. We’re past visualizing sports betting as a taboo subject. Now, sports betting is a hot market that is even mentioned during sports broadcasts.

The hottest thing since sliced bread, it’s understandable why sports fans will want to jump on the hype train of sports betting. While there is incredible entertainment value surrounding sports betting, it’s important that you play responsibly and safely. Our guide will help new bettors and veterans alike enjoy sports betting, all while betting safely.

Follow these golden tips to gamble responsibly!

  • Play For Fun: Remember, sports betting is not your job. Like playing beer league hockey or Spikeball in the park, you’re playing for fun! Sports betting cannot define you and cannot overtake your life. Simply play with no expectations of trying to get rich quickly and you will enjoy every wager you place.
  • There Are No Sure Things: Despite seeing Alabama -400 on the Moneyline, there is NO such thing as a sure thing! Every wager requires its own due diligence. Favourites lose all the time and upsets are paramount in sports betting. No matter what the bet is, ensure you are well prepared.
  • Never Borrow Money to Play: When you begin betting, make sure you are playing with your own personal money. This means you are not borrowing money from someone close to you. Borrowing money in hopes of being able to pay them back or refuel losses is a toxic betting trait. Play responsibly and only wager what you’re willing to lose.
  • Research Online Bookmakers: Whether you want to join a reputable bookmaker like Bodog, Sports Interaction, or other popular betting sites, it’s important to research every online bookmaker you want to play with. On top of confirming its safety, you can research their bonuses, sports offered, depositing and withdrawing limits and so much more. Researching where the bookmaker is regulated and their license can also give an indication of the validity of their site.
  • Read Reviews: Reviews can be skewed because people tend to only send comments when there are issues. However, we believe that reading customer reviews could provide great information for the bookmaker you want to join. You could potentially sniff out common issues with the site by reading reviews. Reading reviews could also showcase the positives of a betting site, which would benefit new users looking to join an online bookmaker!
  • Impose Account Limits: Imposing account limits when first starting sports betting could hold you accountable and ensure you’re not gambling more than necessary. Setting limits such as $10 a week or a max bet of $5 on every wager can help bettors play responsibly. Account

limits can also be tied to logins and money deposits. Bettors use this tool to protect themselves from going down a slippery slope.

  • Avoid Mixing Gambling With Other Substances: Placing bets should be done when you’re sober. Never commit to a wager when you are impaired. You could misclick or regret a bet that you placed. When sober, your judgment will not be impaired and you will be able to make a conscientious decision when gambling.
  • Know The Sport You’re Wagering On: Sure, betting on third-division soccer in Latvia may be fun, but there is also the potential for wasted funds. When betting, make sure that you are aware of the sport, league or competition you are betting on. This will help you make educated wagers when spending your funds.
  • Never Chase Losses: Treat every single wager as a lone bet. If you lose a bet, don’t go chasing bets until you win. Trying to win your money back could create a deeper hole, causing financial and emotional stress. Take every loss lightly and every victory without assumption.

Losing happens in sports betting and it’s important to take your losses and move on!

  • Treat Sports Betting as Entertainment Only: Betting is entertaining! You spend your money on movies, attractions, and other forms of entertainment. Group sports betting into your entertainment pile! We want to protect bettors and inform them that sports betting is not a venture guaranteed to make you money. Using gambling as a form of (responsible) entertainment can be healthy!

There are our golden tips for safe sports betting. With betting sites popping up and advertisements and endorsements encouraging you to place, we strive to inform bettors of the risks of gambling and how to safely enjoy it!