Everybody waits for an iPhone Operating system upgrade eagerly. However the risks linked with the iPhone system upgrade is very high which the users who own an old iPhone are pretty accustomed to. After updating the mobile there are severe risks of data loss in the new operating system.

Here comes the need for backing up your iPhone data so that you don’t have to face severe data loss because of upgrading the system. So a software which will help to do the job easily, efficiently is the need of the hour.

Why Backup Is So Essential For Iphones And Itunes Can’t Cut It?

Nobody likes to lose their essential data stored on their phones or computers. Now in the case of iPhones and MacBooks, upgrading the operating system runs a risk of losing all the precious data. Therefore backup is a must before upgrading to new software so that you can restore your essential files as soon as possible.

When it comes to iPhone backup, most people will immediately talk about the official iTunes but over the recent years, iTunes has become bloated, incredibly confusing when it comes to using it and features a lot of options which have become obsolete now.

Dearmob iphone Manager Is A Solution For Backup Issues

The users deeply need software which can actually help them to back up the files easily and efficiently as well as has reliability and other unique features. DearMob iPhone Manager can just be a perfect iTunes alternative for Windows as well as Mac OS.

Even if we compare DearMob iPhone Manager with iTunes, we will notice first that iTunes requires a huge amount of free space or storage in order to run perfectly but DearMob is actually the solution for this problem as it requires very little free space in order to run smoothly. This efficient feature makes it one of the best iPhone managers in the market today.

DearMob iPhone backup

In this article let’s talk about a detailed analysis of the DearMob iPhone backup system.

DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the best-operating systems which is used to backup iPhone or even transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. Their characteristics can be better described by using three words, “safety, fast, easy”.

iPhones can be backed up without iTunes using DearMob iPhone manager. To do that you will first have to visit the page of DearMob iPhone manager and download it. You can find the option just by scrolling down a little bit. One huge advantage of using DearMob is that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac so you can choose your desired OS and simply click on it.

After completing the process you will have to install the app to back up your files without iTunes. One thing is that the .Net framework is required on the machine in which it is going to be used. You will just have to allow your machine to do it and it can install it for you automatically.

After opening the app, you can see various options which are very user-friendly and easy to understand. You can use these tools to backup your essential files like SMS, music, photos, apps, contacts, and many more things.

  1. How to fully or selectively back up old iPhone’s data:

You can selectively or fully backup your iPhone’s old contacts, photos, videos and messages using the DearMob with these steps,

For videos:

  • Install dearmob and connect your phone with USB in your computer.
  • Select video icon in the main user interface of the software
  • Choose the videos and start exporting them by clicking on export

If you want to import videos that are not supported by iPhone iPad, DearMob iPhone Manager can help you convert any videos to iPhone iPad supported format. It can also compress large 4K videos without any quality loss.

For photos:

  • Install dearmob and connect your phone with USB in your computer
  • Select photos icon in the main user interface of the software
  • Choose the images and start exporting them by clicking on export.

DearMob iPhone Manager sorts your photos in day/month/year, so that you can easily find which photos need to be transferred.

For contacts:

  • Choose your contacts
  • Export the contacts to back up

For messages:

  • Connect the iPhone with your computer
  • The DearMob will show various options to choose from
  • You can choose the messages, photos and videos that you want and then export them
  1. How to restore from the back up:

Restoring from the backup is really easy and fast if you are using DearMob iPhone Manager. You can restore the files that you have backed up using this steps in no time

  1. Open DearMob and select “restore from the back-up” from the UI
  2. Then select the backup files that you want to restore in you iPhone after connecting it to the PC
  3. Click on “restore Now” and voila! your back-up will be done in no time

Other unique features associated with DearMob:

Aside from backing up data, there are various other features of the DearMob iPhone manager which gives a wholesome package to the users, some of these features include,

Data Security: Data security is one of the very unique features which the DearMob iPhone Manager software offers that even iTunes does not. You can make your OS encrypted for specific files that you want to be private. They will be password protected which you will have to set up by setting up a master password and only you can decrypt them.

Media Transfer: DearMob is a very effective software to help you to transfer iPhone files including photos, videos and even music from and to your iPhone. You can use DearMob software to convert HEIC photos to JPEG files. You can also transfer any videos to format that you want in your iPhone. At the same time you can convert video to MP4 format which is supported by iPhones.

Windows compatibility: One huge advantage of using DearMob iPhone Manager is that it is compatible with Windows, so Windows users can use it to back up their files with the way you familiar with in Windows OS.

Free up storage: The software also works as an effective storage cleaner. It can assist you to keep your phone up and running by freeing up space on iPhone. But the freeing up storage does not only mean it works as a cleaner. It also works as a very fast and efficient software to transfer the photos from your iPhone to the computer and to compress your iPhone’s 4K videos so that unnecessary usage of  space can be reduced.


This is where we end our review. DearMob iPhone Manager is very efficient and effective software for not just backing up your phone but for other uses as well. You can definitely use this software to export your data and to restore it to your phone also. Apart from helping you to back-up your important files, it can also help you to encrypt your files for security reasons and you can choose to selectively back-up as well. It also works as a great converter to convert files like HEIC to JPEG etc. It can also help you to clear up unnecessary storages for optimizing your Phone. So it is highly recommended for both iPhone iPad and windows users.