Casinos demand money to let you play, and online casinos no exception. Since it is not a physical casino platform, you cannot risk your money on a digital platform where you aren’t that familiar.

To end this dilemma and provide you the real feel of playing in a casino, the highest payout online casino has also come up with casino bonuses that require no deposits. Confused? Let’s check out this article and know how this miracle happens.

There are free spins and bonus credits that don’t require deposits to enable you to win real cash while playing in live casinos. These casinos don’t take money deposits from you and let you play if you have those casino bonuses.

However, there are certain limitations to these gift cards, which we will be discussing here. Let’s delve deeper into both the options and unfold the truth.

No deposit bonus credits

When you use any gift card or slot bonus, some amount is credited onto your casino account. If the credited amount appears in the form of cash value, it is the no deposit bonus credits you have gained.

Even though they appear to be similar to the real cash value, like $10, they have no worth in the real world. You can redeem them only when you are playing at any online casino.

You have not deposited any amount from your existing bank account to your casino account, and still, you have some cash in it. Interesting right? No deposit bonus credits work this way.

With this bonus, you become eligible to play all the eligible games at the live casino without spending a single penny from your bank account. However, the terms might sometimes change. Hence, you should always check the terms that govern the eligibility of such bonuses. 


  • You need not invest your money.
  • You can play a variety of several games using this bonus.
  • Real cash is rewarded to you for each game that you win.


  • There are limitations on the number of games that you can win.
  • You cannot play all the games that are present in the casino through this bonus.
  • You can play only if you are new to the platform.

No deposit free spins

While you get cash value in the no deposit bonus credits, the case is not the same in no deposit free spins. Here, you get a certain number of spins, which you can use as an entry ticket for a casino.

You can get 20, 40, 50, or more spins, depending on your luck. Since there are spins and not money, you cannot exactly make out how much money you have in your casino account.

Also, with no deposit free spins, you will not have access to all the games. You will be able to play only some games that are eligible for the spins.


  • You don’t need to pay anything from your wallet.
  • It is worthwhile if you are keen to play slot games.
  • The rewards will be in the form of real cash.


  • You cannot win more games than the decided number.
  • The eligible games that you can play all contribute to the wagering requirements.
  • You get restricted to a few games.

 How to choose the best no deposit credit bonuses

Now that you know the difference between the no deposit free spins and bonus credits. Let us now look at the criteria you need to abide by to avail the no deposit credit bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

You can calculate the number of times you can play the games using your casino bonus through the wagering requirements. 

It is essential to know the number not to face any trouble while withdrawing your rewards. For a good return, find a no deposit bonus credit that has minimal wagering requirements.

Max Cashout

Most of the time, the withdrawal amount is restricted to a specific cash value in these bonus credits. So, always opt for the no deposit bonus credit that yields maximum cashout so that you can take home more rewards and cash prizes.

Also, always keep a check on the terms of these bonus credits as the casinos keep updating them.

Eligible Games

Different games have different rewards, and hence there are chances that you win a lot of money. Since the casinos are aware of it, they restrict some games that provide considerable rewards to their winners.

The higher the rewards that a game offers, the more customers will play it even more. To eliminate such circumstances and cap the players’ wins, the games with more rewards are not mentioned in the list of eligible games that you can play using these bonuses. 

Expiry dates

No deposit bonus credits come with an expiry date like the offers you avail on shops and other platforms. If not used within the specified time, the credits will lapse, and you will no longer be able to use them.

Hence, whenever you get bonus credits, use them quickly. Don’t wait for the expiration date to get closer; otherwise, you will regret your decision.