If you dedicate yourself to web development, you will have to learn to handle different projects. Many of them can be a bit confusing, to the point where it’s not always easy to know how to budget for them.

To avoid doubt if someone asks you how much my app costs, we are going to break down some of the factors that can affect the cost of an app.

Factors that determine the price of an app Development technology 

Depending on the development technology chosen, the price could skyrocket. And we will make that choice based on what we need from the app.

Thus, we can find 3 major classifications:

Native App Native

Native apps are those that will be developed taking into account a particular operating system

The great advantage of this formula is that it contributes to improving the user experience. They are constantly updated and have greater visibility of the markets.

Now, the price of this type of app is the highest.

Web app

The advantage of a web app is that it will adapt to the resolution of any operating system. The costs are lower than a native app.

However, the user experience is also not taken care of. On the other hand, they require a greater investment in visibility and promotion.


A hybrid page is a mix of the two previous ones, unifying the most characteristic advantages of both types.

For example, they can be distributed quite well in the markets and adapt to various platforms. Now, neither the design nor the experience will be as successful as in a native app.


Depending on the type of application, it may require more or less complicated functions.

  • Simple applications are those composed of windows with list systems.
  • Database apps are used to categorize the content. For example, they could give information about the footwear that a certain brand sells.
  • However, a game app can be quite complex, although it will depend on the graphics and the programming itself. They are also easier to visualize.
  • Shopping applications allow you to buy within the platform price will vary depending on the type of transaction carried out, as well as whether the purchases are made through the app or from an external server.

Business model

It is essential to know the monetization system that the app will use to develop the project from it. The business model will be subject to the theme (surely we will not use the same benefits system in a shopping application as in a game).

This is how we find 3 classifications:

Freemium Apps

These are applications that the user can download for free. However, you will have to pay when you want to use all the features. 

According to statistics, freemium apps get 98% of earnings from Google Play.

Payment Apps

You can only download these applications if you have previously paid for them. Generally, all content will be unlocked and no additional purchase will be required.

In-app payments

This is another very popular business model in the world of applications. The user is given the option to make purchases within the application.

It is usually the most chosen modality when we are talking about applications for mobile phones, as is the case with the famous Candy Crush.

Operating system

Android is the operating system with the largest market share, but also the one with the most competition.

When evaluating a budget, it will be necessary to take into account which operating systems you want to develop, if only for Android, IOS, or some other.

Although the same base can be used for all apps, keep in mind that many functions will change. The programmer will have to adapt the code depending on what is needed.


You should also consider the devices for which you want to develop the app. The design will have to be adapted for a mobile phone, a tablet, or a TV screen.

The adaptation will have to be valued very well, since developing an application for different devices will mean raising the price quite a bit.


Finally, you must also value the design to offer a good app

The design must be thought to offer a better user experience. Therefore, it is essential to analyze market trends before starting to do anything.

Before giving the answer about the budget that you have been requested, it is very important to take these factors into account. 

And if you need any guidance on “how much does it cost to make an app?” or a website you can find calculators that will allow you to make a personalized budget.