Who doesn’t like free-of-cost things and earning real money from them? The free spin bonuses are exactly like that. They were built to promote the casinos as they pique the customers’ interest to join the platform and play with them. 

If you are new to this type of element, then scroll down for useful information and then have fun playing on online casinos. We will help you understand how they work, their types, and how to activate free spin bonuses on the website. 

What are free spin bonuses?

As mentioned earlier, a free spin bonus was originally initiated to promote the casino and for alluring clients to it, by making them sign up for the free spin bonus and call out to them to play their games. These games are based on real money, so they are according to the company’s policies. 

It’s an appealing game in online casinos like Casino Pilot, where you can spin for free bonuses. If you win in the free spin, then the money you won will be credited to your account as per the company’s wagering specifications. The amount involved in the spin is either a little amount or a huge amount you can win. 

It’s also a way to confirm the security check of an online casino, and to play securely, however, you should read the terms and conditions of the casino before that. 

By keeping all these factors in mind, you can continue and enjoy your gambling with these spins. 

Types of free spin bonuses

We all know that free spin bonuses exist but how many of you knew that there are certain types of free spin bonuses. Well, don’t worry, we have your back, and you can learn about them with us:

Promotional free spin bonuses 

These free spin bonuses are made to promote the casino but the situation here is that if you win the spin then you may get the cash from casino itself. It is done by giving you a code or by signing up to the account and playing the game that you were slotted in. You will get the money without spending any penny on the bet. 

New player’s free spins

The amounts included in these spins can be humongous, and people win with it, but they just take the money and run off immediately without any hint of gambling. But this was not the purpose of the online casinos, so they added welcome free spin or promotional spin bonuses, which needed the user to make a deposit in the account and then withdraw their money. This method ensures that they are not getting scammed by any player, and people are coming on the website to engage with the facilities online casinos provide them with. 

One-off free spins promotion 

Everything isn’t for the new players in terms of spins. These one-off free spins are provided to the existing players, and they are provided in good numbers to make them stay on the website and gamble. 

Loyalty program free spins 

There are offers and deals which are provided to the players like a discount on their bets. 

Free spins to encourage a new slot game 

Either they are launching a brand new slot game or making an untouched one popular by providing free spins on them. 

Free spin bonuses for mobiles 

There is top-notch software in online casinos that makes them mobile-friendly, and if you use the online casinos on mobile, you might get free spins for that by some casinos. 

Steps to activate your free spin bonuses 

  • Signing up

First and foremost, sign up and make your account verified for the further procedure in your opted casino.

  • Add a deposit amount 

 You have to add a deposit to take advantage of the free spins. Although almost all spins need an amount to go to the next step yet, there are some which don’t require it. You can use Bitcoins or Visa, MasterCard, and many more for transaction purposes. 

  • Earn your bonus

You can get your bonus when you sign up with an online casino. They have a feature that makes sure to give a welcome bonus, but in case of any technical error, you don’t get it. Then you can change that by going to rewards or promotion and make the change. 

When you are done with the above process, then you will make the deposit and apply the promo code to obtain the bonus money. 


As said earlier, these spins are the finest to assure an online casino about its genuine functioning and check if they are legally bound or not. Anyone can go for these free spins whether you are a nerd or an amateur in this industry. 

You would be fortunate if you got an online casino where you got the whole free spin money without any lessened amount by the casino.