We are seeing a new advancement made by the Premier League, and it is in an area where many teams are focusing on, this season especially. 

This is with injuries, we have a shortened season taking place and for that reason we are seeing clubs turn towards in-game GPS technology to reduce injury risk. We have seen many impacts from Covid-19, this could be another. 

Clubs adopting this early are not the teams you would expect, so far we have seen Leeds and Wolves jump on board, but now two teams are involved, it is a good bet to guess that others will follow before the season is out. 

Why are Clubs Turning Towards This?

The current season will be five weeks shorter than normal in length, but with the same number of games. We also saw a shortened time before the season where teams couple prepare, and we have no winter break. 

All of that together points towards injuries, burn out and much more, which is why teams have had to start doing something. Not only this, but international fixtures are piling up and at the end of this season we have the delayed Euro 2020 tournament to look forward to. 

Squad rotation, depth in quality and rest days where possible will help, but may not be enough to help clubs navigate through what is set to be an incredibly unique and awkward position regarding fitness and injuries. 

What are Clubs Using?

As things stand at the moment, just two teams have signed up, though expect that number to grow. Teams are using an in-game monitoring system which is used to track live data from players, monitoring their workload and avoiding hitting a red zone, which is when injuries will occur. 

To track this, players wear a GPS device during the game, which allows real-time monitoring. The device controls many metrics during the game, including how fast a player is moving, the distance they have covered and the intensity of their work. This can then be used to work out how much effort a players has put into the game, and if they are in danger of going over the top and ultimately getting injured during the game. 

Fans will no doubt be keeping an eye on this and how it affects decisions made in a game. We could see teams take star players off, even though they need to them to get back into the game, all to preserve injuries. This will have an effect on the outcome of games, so those using betting new sites will keep an eye on this too. 

Could Leeds and Wolves get an advantage from this by jumping on the technology first? That is certainly possible, but it should also be said that the more advantage they do get, the more likely others are to jump on quickly. 

The way in which many sports are developing is heading towards the technology industry and this is exactly the type of tech that teams can really use to their advantage to protect their players.