Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, and this is certainly the case when it comes to sustainable apartment buildings. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a big part in the modern way of life, and it’s a key component in moving towards the smart cities of the future. 

We’re seeing increased usage of this technology everywhere, from smart home assistants to large-scale commercial building management systems. When it comes to making apartment buildings sustainable, here are some of the ways IoT is the leading the way.

Increased Energy Efficiency In Apartments

We’ll mostly talk about the broader benefits of using IoT systems for building management, but there’s another area we need to mention also. That area is within individual apartments themselves. IoT technology gives renters the opportunity to use smart devices for an energy efficient home.

Firstly, motion sensors can be used to ensure lights are only ever on when a room is being used. Smart plugs can also be used, allowing people to control electronic devices while they’re away from home. Real-time usage reporting gives people greater control over their energy consumption, as they can check in at any time of day to ensure their apartment is only using the energy it needs to.

Better Control Of Assets And Services

Knowledge is power when it comes to managing an apartment building’s energy consumption. As we learn more about smart building software, it’s clear that the IoT plays a role in keeping that consumption down. 

Smart building software allows users to monitor and control an apartment building’s lights, security, HVAC systems and other utilities. This greater level of control also gives users the knowledge they need to continually improve their energy-saving processes.

With these systems in place, users can also access a greater level of reporting. This lets them see how, where and when energy consumption is at it’s highest. IoT technology ultimately helps to inform a building manager’s decisions about how to decrease energy use.

Integrate And Manage Renewable Energy Sources

IoT technology essentially provides greater connectivity in large buildings. This is even more true when the large building is split into several rented areas, such as apartment buildings and even retail complexes. In apartment buildings, smart building management hubs give managers the ability to control the disbursement of energy throughout. This means the installation of renewable energy systems like solar energy can be used far more effectively.

When solar energy is generated for a whole building, managers can use IoT to share that energy where it is used the most. For example, a resident who is never at home during the day doesn’t need as much solar energy distributed as someone who works from their apartment. IoT makes the management of energy resources far more efficient.

Smart Building Software For Sustainability

If you want to learn more about smart building software and how it can benefit your apartment building, do your research and find a reputable company that provides IoT smart building services. The beauty of seeking out professional assistance in establishing IoT technology-based systems in your building is the ability to tailor the systems for your unique needs. No two buildings are the same, but with all the components of an IoT-based system, you can be on your way to increased sustainability in no time.