The journey of the customer is something that is highly impacted through SEO at all times and you need to know how to make their journey effective. This is a phrase that is often said when it comes to marketing and it is how the consumer notices your brand and how they interact with it during their buying journey. This is basically the different steps that the customer needs to take when it comes to your business, even if they haven’t purchased anything.

You should make sure that you know just how SEO fits into the equation since it is a large factor in how any potential or an existing customer views your company and brand. A consumer can become aware of your services and product at any times and then would consider what options they might have before eventually purchasing. Keep reading on to find out this journey affects SEO Reseller and what to know about it.

Basic Search

The first thing that any consumer is going to do is start with a basic search regarding something that they want to know. This when they might be looking for answers and any website, including yours, could possibly have the answer, even if it is the first time they see your brand. At this point they are going to start thinking about the answers they are looking for and what brands would be for them.

Before Conversion

SEO is going to be critical to the journey of the consumer before a conversion or sale even takes place since they are going to be looking for something they want or need. A few things that you should consider before conversion that are part of the journey and SEO includes:

. Searches With Zero Clicks – 

Not all searches are going to result with the user clicking on any link. If you have a featured snipped that is on the top of the page, then it is likely that their question is already answered and they don’t need to look any further. This would, however, introduce them to your brand even if they don’t click.

. Discovery Based Searches – 

You never know when the consumer has become aware of your brand and they might find you in another way. This would then lead to some discovery searches where they would try to find out some more vital information about your company.

. Verification Searches – 

There is also a change that some rumours have been spread about your company or important information. If this is the case, then the consumers are likely to do a verification search to find out if this information is true. You want to ensure that you are giving them the information that they might need or want during the searching process.

Make sure that you are thinking about these types of searches and what you can do to make it easier on them.

During Conversions

Another area where the journey is going to be impacted is during the conversion process and there are numerous stages of this section, including:

. Consideration – 

During this stage you want to ensure that all of the content that is on the website is addressing any concerns that the purchasers might have. This would not only help with organic searches, but it will also help the consumers get the answers that they need directly from your brand.

. Comparing – 

Another step is when the consumers are going to be comparing the product selections that they have from your brand as well as others. Make sure that the content on your site addresses the customer support, pricing and benefits that your brand could give them to answer their comparison needs. You can even make a chart or write content that would let you compare your services or products to those of your competition so they can find it in a single location.

The next step of the process is after conversion since the journey doesn’t end when they make a purchase, but it continues until after. Here are some things to consider for this stage as well, such as support after sales. Make sure that you are giving as much support to the consumer as you can after they make a sale. This is important and you need to make a page where some of the most common questions are answered.

You should always make sure that you are thinking about how you can make the journey of the customers easier on them, which starts by understanding the journey they are taking. You should know that it isn’t always going to be a quick journey and some of them would take longer to make the decision about which brand to buy. Also, you want to make sure that you are giving them the answers that they need, which means writing content geared towards them and what they would be searching for.