While the Coronavirus outbreak restricts most of us at home, we have unseen so many positive things in the current scenario.

With the rise of Covid-19 cases, governments all around the world give orders to stay at home, many businesses are now working remotely, educational institutions are closed, and restaurants deliver food on doorsteps. However, all these situations make families spend a lot of time together unintentionally than they were spending before the pandemic.

Some families love each other’s company, working parents who are working from home now get more and more time for upbringing their kids, and despite watching TV shows and movies separately, the whole family is watching together.

There is no denying that Covid-19 has some serious negative impacts on our lives. But if we see closely, we might don’t get this much time to spend with our loved ones and learn the real meaning of a family that we lost due to a fast-paced living hood.

Here are some noticeable positive things that we gathered by interviewing common people from different parts of the world so you can get some idea of how you can use this pandemic to bring your family closer:

1. Meeting Family Members on Video Call Every Day

When everything was normal, we all are focusing on our professional career or education to get as much as we can from life. This makes most of us so materialistic that we did not have much time to spend with our family members.

But in the current situation, free time gives us an opportunity to contact our family members on a daily basis and strengthen family relations that have faded away. Especially for those who live without their families because of doing jobs or education in a foreign country.

During our research to find out the positive bits of Covid-19, we met a guy Allan on Slack who lives alone in New Castle because of his job. He told us Coronavirus changed my routine a lot.

Before this uncertainty, my routine was so hectic that I was only able to talk with my family on weekends. Now as I am working from home, I am able to spend quality time with my family every day even sometimes I have enough time to help my daughters in doing homework on a video call.

Since I can’t travel back home because of the travel ban, on my birthday my family had a small birthday party for me last week. I ordered my favorite cupcake and cut in front of them on Zoom.  

2. Watching Childhood Classics Together

We ask a family of seven members who live in Canada about how they are spending time in lockdown days. They told us before the pandemic, everyone in the family was so busy in their personal life that we had only time together at the dinner table. And because of this busy schedule, we didn’t have time to watch Disney classics together that we used to do a few years back on every Friday night.

But since we all are working from home now, we try to complete our daily tasks as soon as possible and watch Disney+ on Chromecast and enjoy our childhood’s favorite hot chocolate every night.

3. Home Schooling

While chatting with different people all around the world, we found a working couple who is utilizing their free time in providing homeschooling to their children during lockdown days.

Emily and Zed are the parents of two cute boys. They told us since they both have jobs, they are hardly able to spend time on their boys’ education. But for the last few months, they both are working from home because of the strict lockdown in Spain.

So they decided to provide homeschooling for their boys in their spare time. From reading books to watching educational videos, they are doing everything together in lockdown days. In this way, the parents get to know about what their boys like to do and where they are struggling.

4. Reduced Corporate Politics

Businesses are all-time down because of Covid-19, and all that we hear, talk, and read is about life and death. And in this situation the future is uncertain. But when we talk to the head of startup “Steve” on Skype, we discover positive things about corporate life.

Steve told us his startup was really doing well before Covid-19. At that time he has enough budget to expand their team and he did it. However, just after two months his business consistently went down. In this scenario, managing finances were so hard for him. And employees laying off was the only way to keep running his startup.

But when he discussed all these things with management and partners, despite having conflicts with each other they decided to retain the young resources by taking 33% less salary from the company.