Many forms of transport seem to be changing constantly thanks to improvements in tech. Electric cars seem to be gaining ground on their petrol and diesel equivalents. On just about every coach and train, you’ll find USB ports next to window seats, but the biggest technological advancements seem to be reserved for planes.

Business passengers will be amongst those best placed to benefit from greater connectivity, comfort and productivity. What form will these changes take? The first and arguably the biggest is for in-flight entertainment. Free TV and video streaming services are a major advancement, with one major airline allowing passengers to use theirs in place of the old in-seat video screen.

Improved Connectivity

To compensate for the lack of screens, free WiFi will be a given on many flights. Access to streaming services will be made possible by this, allowing passengers to use them via their own tablets, smartphones or laptops. For executive travellers, working whilst binge-watching will soon become a reality.

Smartphones will play a role not just in what passengers can do on board, but what they can do beforehand. Many airlines now have their own apps, where flights can be tracked and even booked. A flight app will also let executive passengers select their catering options and where and when they want to depart and arrive.

The use of apps for arranging flights and entertainment is sure to become the norm for many executive passengers. Apps will also prove useful for actually getting work done whilst on board. Enabled by high-speed internet connectivity, preparing presentations and updating reports will be as easy as it is on land.

Cabin Improvements

Technology used in cabins is sure to make for more comfortable and less tiring journeys in the near future. The use of carbon composites to build cabins means that there will be less pressure on passengers. Having this technology for the construction of planes will ultimately see being jetlagged become less of an issue after a long-haul flight. For meetings, this is priceless.

Elsewhere on cabins, the seats for executive flyers will become more comfortable. The use of softer pillows and more cushioned arm rests will aid sleeping mid-journey. Greater rest will, alongside cabins with less pressure on them, make executive flights become one of the more enjoyable aspects of a business trip.

Finally, tech at airports will make boarding and departing flights far less of a chore. Automated checking in will cut down queues and minimise the risk of flights being missed.