Advancements in various technological fields have been unexpected and striking in the last couple of decades. With every new year, it seems as if humanity is making new technological improvements at a speed a regular person cannot hope to follow. 

Since technology influences all parts of our lives, its not strange it has been doing the same in the sports world. Sports is greatly influenced by technology, almost exclusively in a good way. We will take a closer look at all the crucial ways technology is making sports better in this piece. 

Goal Line Technology

One of the most important technologies used in sports today is something called goal-line technology (GLT). If you are a football fan, youve seen this technology at work many times, especially in the World Cup and the EUROs recently. 

It helps determine whether or not the ball has crossed the goal line, which has been an ongoing problem for referees for quite some time. 

But with GLT, referees cant miss something or make a mistake. Multiple cameras film the goal from various angles, clearly showing if the ball has crossed the line. This helps relieve both the teams and referees whenever in doubt. 

Some criticise GLT and claim that its role is to replace officials, but it has proved us wrong, as weve seen for the past decade. It has only been a helpful tool that referees can use when needed. 

Similar technology has been in use in tennis for years, where players can request a challenge during the match to either question the judges decision or check if the ball has hit the line or not. 

For the Audience and Fans

Technology is not only making sports better, but its also making it more approachable for the public. 

Thanks to online streaming and its presence, billions of people worldwide can follow sports. Also, we can see the rapid advancement of cameras and more continuous use of drones, meaning we can get up and close to our favourite teams and players to see whats happening on the field. 

This is especially useful in sports with large fields, like polo and football. Its almost impossible to see whats happening on the field without the cameras being able to zoom as much as they can. 

Betting and Fantasy Sports

Technology even makes sports betting better, more interesting, and easier for fans who like to wager on their favourite teams besides watching them. Sports betting sites keep on using better software to make gambling more seamless in various ways. On sites like  you can find some of the top online sports betting sites reviewed and rated. 

People can bet online, on their phones, and on any other device. Live betting has become so seamless that you can place a bet on practically anything happening in the game, no matter how quick it ends, all thanks to the incredibly fast platforms with odds changing every second. On sites like  

And lets not forget fantasy sports. They might have seemed dorky at first, but now they are a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of people taking part. Without computers and robust programs that deal with stats and updates, fantasy sports could have never become the global phenomenon it is today.

Fields and the Weather

Most sports are played on outdoor fields, making it imperative that they are of higher quality so players cant experience difficulties while playing. 

In the past, athletes would experience many more injuries than now, and its mostly because the officials werent able to provide them with better field conditions. These days, the fields are maintained regularly and meticulously, pools are cleaned, and the grass is cut to perfection. This allows the athletes to concentrate on their game and to give us a real show. 

Technology has also aided the organizers in taming the weather to continue matches, even in bad weather. Thats why we have massive stadiums with retractable roofs to avoid the weather conditions ruining the game. 

Whats more, the Chinese even attempted to use technology to control the weather for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by breaking up clouds so it wouldnt rain. 

The technology is still not there, but we are already able to control the weather to a degree, so its only a matter of time before we can truly control it. Once that happens, rest assured that many sports will take advantage of this technology as well.