To ensure utmost productivity, it’s very important to ensure the safety of everyone– this holds true especially for those who are part of the construction company. This is also probably one of the reasons behind technology solutions being used and integrated on safety plans and procedures

Since work zones can be quite dangerous, there’s always the risk that the employees and construction workers would be involved in an accident. This can range from falls, electrocution, and accidents brought by moving objects. Whenever this happens in a construction site, this would lead to a lot of expenses, delays, and more problems later on. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of technological innovations that make it easier to closely monitor the workers, prevent accidents, and ensure that the death rates would go down.

Here’s how technology is helping reduce project cost and make job sites safer

Most experts would tell you that it’s very important to run building projects under a “safety first” standard. Unfortunately, this isn’t followed at all times. In fact, even when it is, it can still be quite challenging to ensure that there won’t be any risks, and accidents can still happen.

Regular monitoring is a crucial part of the building process. Wherein, if properly executed, this would have a large benefit for all investors and project holders. It’s worth noting that as we talk about inspections, it’s important that it offers a certain level of assurance that everything on site is happening the way it should be. Which means, the workers will stay safe at all times.

The main goal of inspection is that the supervisor or manager would have the responsibility to check the progress of the work and if it’s being done correctly. Likewise, they are also required to provide documentation and send reports in such a case that the work doesn’t meet the standards set by the company. They should also inform the subcontractor or worker about this for them to modify and re-do certain aspects of the project.

Despite all of these, just like with any other industries, even the construction industry encounters problems every now and then. For example, during inspections, whenever problems arise, this should be taken verbally by the inspector. 

If not handled properly, this could result to misunderstanding, and if not fixed, it would lead to serious problems later on. This can be similar to failing to use the right barricade in a construction zone. If you don’t notify the concerned parties right away, then the problem would be worse.

Another issue in the construction industry would be the lag between the work being done, as well as the one being inspected. This can be an issue, especially when the subcontractor has already left the scene. This could lead to safety issues if not resolved right away.

Do Time Pressure Make Site More Hazardous?

More often than not, those who are part of the construction industry are working under time pressure. This is part of the job, but it could also cause safety concerns later on. Whenever workers feel pressured, they will act carelessly just to finish the job right away, and if they fail to follow the right procedure, construction-related accidents can happen.

The Use of Construction Software for Better Inspection

With the use of a fully integrated construction software platform, you’ll be able to ensure efficiency, and even improve the standards of the whole project. 

Furthermore, it also helps in ingraining a method of accountability, knowledge, and best of all, safety into every aspect of the project. This would result to greater efficiency, lesser problems, and even time pressure. With a construction time clock for employees, construction sites can better track laborers working on-site, allowing businesses to effectively evaluate their labor costs and streamline their construction projects. Using construction software also helps construction sites keep efficient records of construction inspections. Utilizing construction software eliminates paperwork and provides up-to-date access to construction documents, ensuring all inspections conducted meet industry standards. 

During inspection, the information regarding work progress is available in real-time. This eliminates the delay between work being accomplished and when the actual inspection is happening. Something like this could definitely reduce problems.

The Benefits of Greater Accountability

The use of a digital solution ensures that everyone will be in the same position of knowledge. This also ensures better communication and collaboration with everyone else. Those who are part of the project would know what to expect, and at what stage the project is. Safety requirements should also be reviewed by the project manager. 

Another remarkable benefit of this is that it offers greater and more direct accountability that subcontractors will feel confident knowing that a sub-standard work will never happen.