Since gambling began, the industry has always found ways to take advantage of new innovations and technology in order to make betting and gambling a more accessible activity. As online betting has evolved, it’s easier than ever before to place bets, play group games and even take part in competitions from anywhere in the world. As the gambling industry heads increasingly online, our smartphones and tablets have become digital casinos, but how has this new technology changed the face of the industry and how are companies adopting the best practices for their consumers?

Taking Gambling Online

The rise of the internet has dramatically changed the landscape of gambling, but for most companies it has only served to enhance their success. Because gambling relies on calculations and chance, computers actually make it extremely easy and efficient to transform casino games into online activities, plus only small amounts of data need to be exchanged between the player and the application, so it’s very accessible. In particular, online poker has become incredibly popular but there are many forms of casino games that have triumphed online, including blackjack, slot machines and even scratch cards.

Increased Portability

Smartphones have made gambling a really portable activity that can be carried out virtually anywhere, from your home to while you’re commuting, it’s so easy to get the latest free bets on the go. With gambling games available as both apps and through web browsers, every style of gambling you can think of is possible thanks to smartphones and tablets. And several online sites have mobile versions that can detect when a user is playing on their phone, adapting the layout and format accordingly for a greater user experience.

While more and more people are visiting online casinos – an estimated 164 million people – brick-and-mortar betting shops and casinos are seeing a decrease. The difficulty typical betting shops face is the convenience that technology provides – while it’s incredibly easy for someone to play a casino game on their phone, night or day, wherever they are in the world, it’s not so easy for them to step foot inside a shop. To try and combat this, a lot of betting shops are incorporating technology into their experience by adding touch screens to their betting kiosks to combine the social aspect and convenience of technology. Many are also integrating technological devices with the in-person experience, such as by scanning loyalty cards and accepting cash.

Security Issues

One area where bookmakers have an advantage over online betting is security. Many fear online hackers that might take advantage of identity issues or that sites will lead to overspending, while in-store systems help curb that risk. That said, with technology always making progress to improve and evolve, sites are always reassessing their systems and protocols to ensure that users are secure, and their money remains as safe as possible. Given the popularity of online gambling, there seems no sign of businesses halting their involvement in technology-fuelled gambling and as games and apps continue to improve, so too will the user experience.