Technology is a vast growing tool that can amplify your marketing efforts. With the increase and expansion of new technologies, there are more and more ways in which you are able to improve your marketing that will result in increased efficiency and ability to learn more about your desired audience.



Due to the release of the Apple Watch this year, the use of wearables have taken off. These devices that pair up with the iPhone 5 and later are expected to be the next big thing in the world of marketing.

These devices have been built with business in mind. With wireless headsets to wearable wrist displays it allows employees for example within retail, to access information without abandoning their customer, it’s a small example but it increases retail productivity.

A study carried out by the Human Cloud at Work concluded that wearable technologies are able to boost employee productivity by 8.5%.

Other than increased improvement on consumer experience these wearables also open up new opptunities for marketing. This includes enhanced customer data collection and insights into user interaction, the devices will allow for digital marketers to collect information on the locations and buying habits of their consumers.

Wearable technology is predicted to become the most reliable way to reach out to customers, as businesses will be able to hold more valuable data about their customers along with how they react and what they want, from this they can determine the right time to contact them which will potentially lead to an increase of sales.


It is easy for businesses to lose potential customers due to the fact they are lacking in the ability to give that customer what they desire, customers are becoming increasingly demanding in such a way they want things instantly and at the click of a button, if you can’t give customers what they want, you will lose them.

This is why incorporating mobile marketing into your marketing strategies is vital in order to become more successful.

For example, social media and how the impact of these devices have influenced our social media marketing. Statistics show 40% of mobile phone users are using social media networks on their devices. This highlights the fact that social media marketing is critical due to how easy it is for consumers to access it.

With the help of other tools such as Hootsuite you are able to determine the best time to post and if you are unable to physically post it, you can schedule it to be posted. With the use of these tools it has never been so quick and easy to engage with your audience.

Many businesses need to use their CRM system everywhere, even when they are out of the office and visiting customers which is why Microsoft have incorporated a mobile friendly version where you an access it using a smartphone, tablet or similar device. This will allow you businesses to continue their marketing efforts even when out of the office.

Promotional Material


Giving out promotional material is a great and easy way to get your company’s name out there, you can be sure to carry out minimal work and market to a large audience.

You no longer need to hand out your paper businesses cards, incorporate all of your business information onto a usb business card instead, with a usb card you are able to add all future promotion material such as broachers and offers, not only that but these cards will cut the costs of expensive printing too.

As you are able to provide more information on your company so effectively, this is just another great marketing idea that every business should add into their marketing strategy, whether you are attending a business event, at a trade show, or have just met someone who wants to know more. Having these on hand will be highly effective in improving your marketing.

With branded products you are able to increase brand recognition, so even branding useful items that people can use daily is a great way to market. For example applying company branding onto Phone chargers, ear phones and selfie sticks and giving them away to customers is an easy way to promote as they are items that could be used often and will remind your customer of you.