Let’s start this blog post with a question: 

What’s the cornerstone strategy for startups these days?

The one-word answer is: Automation  

Like it or not, startups and automation have a direct correlation.  With startups, essentially being resource-strapped, leveraging diverse automation tools such as recruitment automation, lead-generation automation, customer service automation and so on is what takes the hassle out of running a newbie business.  

The biggest plus of these automation tools is that they are easy to use and highly responsive.  So, if you could set them up correctly, as per your needs, your startup stands the best chance to make all your marketing campaigns a super success.

Key Findings 

  • Startup Automation saves time and money, given that you will be automating repetitive tasks that otherwise takes time to accomplish. 
  • The customer waiting period will be short, thanks to centralized communication. As in whenever a customer poses a query, automation will ensure that the query is quickly directed to the respective department for an answer. 
  • Removes scope of human error. 
  • All your automation will be centralized in one particular place. 
  • Better utilization and distribution of responsibilities among employees. 

Mentioned below are 3 Marketing Automation tactics to make your startup successful

#1. Recruitment Automation 

Although artificial intelligence has been in existence for a long time now, it’s entry into the recruitment automation space hasn’t been that old. Today, AI is a widely used technology in recruitment. The AI software helps auto-screen resumes, select candidates, and even conducts video interviews. For example, Robot Vera is AI software that helps recruits talents for big companies like Pepsi Co and L’Oreal. 

Today, you will find AI apps that not only save HR recruiter’s time but improve the quality of the hire as well. Talent acquisition teams can quickly shift their process-heavy work to machines.

Here are a few recruitment processes that do not need human intervention anymore: 

Resume screening

AI’s resume screening software, when integrated with the company’s ATS saves the recruiter’s precious time. The biggest pluses of this software include real-time interaction with the candidates via chatbots, feedback sharing, and next-step suggestions. 

It requires minimum IT support, provides real-time interaction with candidates through chatbots, shares feedback, and even offers next-step suggestions. 

Online Interviews 

Online interview software records come with a video recording facility that helps recruiters to filter out candidates and invite only those that are fit for the profile for future interviews. The software is programmed to evaluate candidate’s speech patterns, word choice, facial expressions, and more.    

Feedback On Quitting Employees

For the series of features AI offers, this feature seems to be the best of the lot. According to a CNBC report, AI software can actually predict with 95% accuracy about workers who are not happy with their jobs and are about to quit. It also interrogates employees about their reasons to quit, what improvements the company should undertake to reduce the employee churn ratio, and if given a chance, will they join back. After evaluating the answers, AI provides a report to the management.  Based on these reports, recruiters can come up with better retention methods and thereby bring down the attrition rate. 


Once the candidate is on board, the HR system is updated with the information. The system then can automatically generate offer letters, contracts, and other crucial documents for successful candidates and also rejection letters for the unsuccessful.   

Employee Onboarding

For employee onboarding, automation could be used to send automatic welcome emails to employees to set up IT access, support HR with induction and training programs, among many others. 

Social Media HR Tools

You can leverage social media HR tools to connect with a large number of talented workers. According to one of the recent reports, nearly 84% of the companies are using social media for recruitment to find passive job candidates. You can use an applicant tracking app to post job descriptions on several sites together from one location to simplify publication.  

#2. Lead Generation Automation 

Leads are crucial for any startups, but most of the time startups struggle to nurture them.  Marketing automation can help you build a valuable database of highly qualified leads by automatically gathering information about potential clients. 

With the aid of marketing automation such as email marketing software, social media software, live chat software, landing page software, and so on, startups could easily automate their lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns.

Startups can leverage the software mentioned above to repeat the lead generation campaigns without any drain on their budget or time.  These campaigns could automatically attract, convert, and nurture new business leads. 

Further, the most incredible feature of marketing automation is that it allows you to personalize your interactions with every lead based on personal information and current sales readiness stage.    

#3. Other Routine Automations 

Most of the small business owners spend more and more time doing manual tasks over the actual job of running the business. As per a survey, 20% of the working day is spent doing crucial jobs, while 80% of the day is wasted on routine operations. Using automation will enable you to use software to convert manual and repetitive tasks into more productive tasks. 

Scheduling Automation 

Meeting of all kinds, be it with managers, freelancers, sales leads, and colleagues tend to consume several extra hours every week.   

This is where apps like MeetingLeads help automate your scheduling appointments and meetings. The app syncs your calendars or appointment schedulers such as Calendly, Calendar, Outlook, and Acuity with your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho and more). This saves time and helps build your business quickly.

Call Automation 

In the B2B space, fixing contract details over the phone is the norm.  But then, it’s always good to transcribe those calls because it will ensure that you and your team exactly know what you had promised to the customer. 

In the past, transcribing a call meant listening, and typing out the details on your own or seeking someone’s helps to do the same for you — no more. Automated transcription tools, though not perfect, has made such tasks more manageable. 

Data Collection Automation

Knowing your website visitors is equally crucial for a startup to be successful. There are different marketing automation software that could be used to track the behaviour of your website visitors. The software will let you know the time of the users’ visit, the CTA’s they clicked on, and the pages they visited. This data will enable startups to build a user profile for your audience.

Plus, you can use marketing automation software to create a converting landing page that helps you build an email list.

Social Media Automation 

Automate your social media posts with apps such as Hootsuite and Buffer. You can use these apps to schedule and automate jobs to your social media channels such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. This will give you more engagements and increased follower count. 

Further, you could leverage automation software like Zapier to connect your website with social media channels. Zapier helps you to post new blogs on your social media networks automatically. This will minimize the time you need to post and also keeps the costs low. You can also automate posts from WordPress, RSS Feeds straight to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Customer Service Automation 

If you think you are spending too much time behind every customer, you can automate the customer service process by leveraging reason codes and creating stock replies for popular questions. You can then integrate it with Salesforce, Zendesk, and other apps.

Wrapping Up

Startups are considered to be innovative and flexible. But despite your reputation, the one thing they need to bear in mind is that you are up against big businesses that have massive bandwidth. So, only by leveraging marketing automation you’ll be able to bring your competitors down a peg or two, thereby giving your startup to a more level playing field.