Having a social media presence is key to effectively connecting with your target audience. With the millions or billions of social media users across the globe, there’s no doubt why many businesses invest in social ads.

Running social ads can provide many profitable opportunities and is an excellent way to improve your digital marketing campaigns. So, if you want to take your brand to a whole new level, never hesitate to consider social ads for your marketing strategy.

Below are some of the ways social ads can elevate your brand.

  • Help You Reach A Targeted Audience

Almost every social media site has an excellent set of targeting options, allowing you to narrow down on the most relevant audience groups. For example, you can target users based on connections, interests, demographics, and behaviors on Facebook.

Each targeting option can be broken down into more detailed factors, which you may combine to reach highly-specific audience groups. For instance, under the location-based targeting option, you’re not only limited to targeting people in a particular location.

You may target people who’ve visited the location, are travelling to the location, or currently living in the location. You may also target an audience based on political affiliation, life events, apps they use, pages they like, etc. For such reasons, brands that run social ads can reach their targeted audience effectively.

  • Increase Foot Traffic

The good thing about selling your products and services on social media is that social ads aren’t only limited to online traffic. They can also boost your in-store traffic. While you may track your ads’ online traffic and conversions, it doesn’t always provide you with a complete picture of how your ads work.

Several social media users may have seen your ads and learned about your offerings, but they might not make purchases right away. They might want to wait until they can feel and see the products in real life before purchasing them. So, once they convert, the credit may go to your efforts on social ads.

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

Using social ads will give you a better opportunity to increase your brand awareness. Even before conversions and clicks come into play, you’re putting your brand out there to countless people using social media platforms.

Appearing in other people’s social media feeds with sponsored labels, or showing up in front of YouTube videos can do wonders to boost your brand exposure, allowing your brand to stay fresh in users’ minds.

Increased brand awareness has several benefits for your business. Whether you’re a newcomer within your niche or you’re a well-established business, the increased exposure from social ads may result in higher conversions and fresh leads for your business.

If you prefer to publish awareness campaigns as part of your strategy, be sure to select the right ad format for your objective. It’s because some people habitually skip ads when watching videos on YouTube. In this case, you might want to use non-skippable, in-stream ads to help boost your brand awareness.

  • Amplify Your Reach

Social ads provide your brand instant visibility. Posts from family and friends now receive priority. This is why organic reach for brands is declining steadily, particularly on Facebook. However, you can guarantee that they’ll be placed in the users’ feeds with paid ads.

Despite the noise of bigger social media platforms, this provides you a direct window to drive more sales, website traffic, and leads. Look where your audience spends most of their time to achieve a wider reach.  

  • Improved Leads

Social ads can be an excellent way to get in front of your audience and expand your customer base. Through running particular lead generation ad campaigns, you can harness the advantages of social ads for your brand.

Facebook’s lead generation ads are a perfect solution for customer-facing brands looking to gather more leads. You may use lead generation ads to encourage people to sign up for your online events, gather customer information for marketing in the future, and grow your email list ahead of your product launch.

  • Better Brand Credibility

One of the great things about social ads is that they’re not only limited to paid ads on social media platforms. When advertising on social media, working with popular influencers is another method that yields remarkable results. While you can drive sales and improve brand visibility with influencer marketing, one of the advantages is that it can boost brand credibility.

Social media influencers have loyal fan bases through their expertise within certain niches. Most people look up to them as trendsetters and experts in those niches. They ask them for advice and purchase recommendations. So, when influencers vouch for your business, it automatically establishes a particular level of trust in your brand.

Brands that credible influencers vouch for will be seen as trustworthy. People will be more willing to spend their money on your offerings because influencers have advertised them for you.

While others may worry that paying influencers to promote products will affect the audience’s trust in their respective brands, it isn’t always the case. Some consumers will still trust paid recommendations from influencers, and their trust in the ads may depend on how much they trust the influencers. Other than social advertising through influencers, sponsored content may also help businesses establish themselves as reliable sources of information and thought leaders.

  • Provide Valuable Customer Insights

Another way social ads elevate your brand is their ability to help you create better marketing campaigns through valuable customer insights. Social media channels have a collection of user data, including demographics, interests, and behavioral data. With this in mind, you can quickly tailor your social ads based on how people interact with your campaigns.

The most engaged audience groups will give you an idea of what your target audience must look like. These are individuals who are most receptive to your brand and most interested in your products or services. Determine the audience’s shared characteristics to create the best set of buyer personas that are relevant to your brand.

You may use such insights to optimize your campaigns. You may even use them to create effective social ads that deliver impressive results.


Regardless of your niche and the products, you’re offering, social ads can level up your brand in many ways. To get the best results, make sure to be creative, use the right format and campaign tactic, and be mindful of your ad placements. You may also hire professionals to make your social ads more effective.