We will begin with the basic question of what in fact is session replay: it is a tool which assists owners of websites to track and identify how visitors to the site act on their site. It does this by noting keystrokes and clicks, among other things, documenting them and then recreating a replica of what the visitor did to be analysed by the host. It is important because it allows the host to have insight into how people are interacting with the site, where they are having issues, and what they are drawn towards. This is essential information when attempting to identify how to create a better customer experience which better directs visitors towards the areas of the page you want them to be focusing upon.   

Smooth Customer Use

The most important part of a website is that it is intuitive and error free, however in the past these two pillars of effectiveness have been difficult to monitor and respond to. It is very hard to identify exactly how people are interacting with your site, what areas they are drawn to and focus on and which areas they don’t. Even if you were somehow able to identify this, the question of why is still very difficult to answer. When it comes to errors, the difficulty is even harder as you often only hear about them when people report them, identifying the cause and solution is also extremely difficult. Session replay changes all this, the system allows you to view how people are interacting with your page and how they view it. You can identify the areas people are drawn to and why, this can help you work to change your interface to get the results you want. It also shows exactly where people encountered problems and the actions which occurred before hand, a very advantageous tool when troubleshooting.

Effective Assistance

Session replay is also extremely effective in providing effective assistance to those who need it. Previously question after question had to be asked to assist in identifying the individual’s issue and what they did or did not do on the site. Replay tools change the approach completely by allowing tech support to view exactly what was being done. This allows them to quickly respond to issues either by directing the individual to the correct location on the web page if they are confused or by quickly identifying and solving a programming error if necessary.  


Optimization is the key to having an effective website, you want to optimize the amount of purchases (or whatever your end goal may be) per visit. Session replay is a very effective way of doing this, it provides the ability to directly identify how to better direct visitors to the areas of your website which are most likely to turn those visits into the result you want. You are able to identify what is influencing people to take the actions you want them to on your site by optimizing all facets of it. You can remove errors which are causing people to leave your site and improve the areas which are causing people to stay. By doing this you increase the chance each individual person who visits your site while stay on it longer and as a result purchase from you.