The technology and automotive industries are becoming closer with each passing year. Not only are software makers looking to move their applications over to our dashboards, but companies like Apple may soon be entering the market as a hardware maker themselves.

Typically, high-end technology features are exclusive to the most premium vehicles in the market. However, with more and more customers looking for these kinds of features, traditional car makers like SEAT are now looking to incorporate more of them across their entire range so that their entire customer-base can benefit.

Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphone Connectivity

The rise of the smartphone in recent years has had a fundamental impact on our day-to-day lives. If we realise we’ve left our phones at home on the morning commute, our initial reactions is typically to turn back. According to a 2015 study by PEW across 21 emerging and developing countries, 54% of adults now own a smartphone. To meet consumer demand, SEAT are now improving smartphone connectivity across their range.

This includes creating their own SEAT Drive App, which allows you to create a personal desktop of your favourite widgets as well as sync your email and social media feeds. The app also features some exclusive SEAT technology like Challenger, that aims to improve your driving skills, and Route Tracker, which saves the most economical routes to cut down on your fuel costs. The company also works with third-parties to give you access to services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay depending on the exact model of the vehicle.

Technology Pack

Seat has also introduced an optional technology pack for the SEAT Leon, which is now available from £9,995 from suppliers like John Clark. This includes features that were previously exclusive to its more premium vehicles. Altogether, the equipment included is estimated to be worth over £1,900, yet the company is offering the upgrade for just £1,075 to entice its customers to switch over from the basic model.

SEAT Leon Technology Pack

The package not only includes improvements to the entertainment centre, like an improved speaker system, but also several practical upgrades that improve the overall driving experience. The headlights will automatically turn on and off depending on the ambient light while the wipers will adjust to the rain’s intensity. Finally, the on-board display shows useful information like your average fuel consumption and estimated travel time so you can make better decisions on your journey.