Progressive jackpots are a longstanding feature of slot machines. When you watch the numbers increase on the progressive jackpot, you can dream about the possibility of becoming instantly rich. However, it is important to understand how these jackpots work so that you can increase the odds of your winning one of them. Continue reading to learn tips and strategies for playing online slots progressive jackpots.

What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot increases in value until someone wins the whole prize. The numbers constantly increase because every time a customer places a wager on a slot machine, a portion of that wager is added to the jackpot. It continues to accumulate until someone wins the entire thing. 

There are three different types of progressive jackpots, including Must-Hit-By, Open Ended, and Random. You can choose to play any of the three, and each has benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Must-Hit-by Progressive Jackpots

When you play a must-hit-by progressive jackpot slot, the jackpot starts at a set amount of money and rises with each player’s bet. However, it must hit by a certain predetermined amount. As the jackpot approaches this amount, the odds grow in your favor of winning it. If the jackpot reaches the magic number and nobody has won, the winner will be the player whose contribution gets the jackpot to the number. 

The downside to this type of progressive slot is that it is far more likely to have a hit when the jackpot is smaller. The reason is that when people see the jackpot increasing toward the must-hit number, they start playing the slot. The more people play these slots, the more likely it is that someone will win the jackpot.

Open Ended Progressive Jackpots

With this type of jackpot, the jackpot will continue to increase until somebody wins. This type of jackpot has the potential to grow the most to the highest payouts. There is no limit, and there are no rules, so in theory, it could continue growing for days, and sometimes it does. This is the type of jackpot that makes people a millionaire overnight. The only real drawback with this type of jackpot is that it doesn’t hit as frequently.

Random Progressive jackpot

This type of jackpot is a hybrid version that combines the behavior of a progressive jackpot with the randomness of winning. You never know when it is going to hit. It usually pays out smaller prizes, but they are more frequent. Some players prefer this style of play to increase the chances of winning a jackpot, even if it isn’t enough to become rich overnight. 

Pay Attention to The Betting Requirements

Everyone has a strategy when they play the progressive slots, and it helps to minimize unexpected losses. You should start by understanding that you need to check the minimum bet if you are playing one of these slots. 

If you are playing on a three-reel machine, you will normally need to bet all three lines to be eligible for the jackpot. On video slots, progressive jackpots are usually multi-tiered. For instance, they might offer 12 different levels of winning. With these types of machines, the more you bet, the more you are eligible to win. 

Most people who play these slot machines are trying to win the jackpot, and the other rewards are usually lower. It is important to make sure that you are betting enough to be eligible for the progressive jackpot win. 

Choose Games That You Enjoy

Learn the difference between the different progressive jackpots and choose to play the games that you will enjoy the most. If you want to play a game that hits more frequently, you can find one. If your focus is on winning the jackpot, there are slots that are focused on that aspect of the game. You need to play a game that you enjoy.

Book of Atem Wowpot and Wheel of Wishes are two popular online slots that currently offer a $5.7 million jackpot and are constantly growing. If you are chasing the biggest slots payouts, you should definitely try progressive jackpot slots.