What are slot machines?

Slot machines are one of popular games for casinos and same is replicated online. If you visit any online casino website, you wold clearly see how these slot machine games are popular and mostly played. Some of the casinos have more than 1000 slots listed and it shows the sheer volume. The basics of a slot machine have always remained same. Initially, they were mechanical machines and gradually they transformed to more digital with chip in them. Similarly, online slot machines work on same principle. A player makes his wager, spins the wheel and wait to see if it stops at his number or not. The numbers are generated by random number generator and it gives up the last number generated as output. 

How do they work?

Online slot machines look and feel the same as the physical ones. They have 3 or 5 reels which rotates when triggered and stops are random number or symbol. So let’s understand how does it happen. The numbers are generated by random number generator which is like a software which runs constantly. Approximately there can be any number generated between 0 to 4 billion. The mathematical module determines which number to correspond to which symbol and when the game stops they calculate the result of spin and outcome is notified on the screen. Online slot machines work seamlessly and provide random result on every spin. 

Are online slot machines rigged?

No, the machines are not rigged and in fact al casinos and other platforms are regulated and licensed by certain jurisdiction as UK, Malta and Gibraltar. They provide same chance of winning to each player. But there is a thing to take a note of – return to player (RTP) which determines amount of total money paid back to players over time. For example, if the RTP is of 95%, then for every 95 gambled, slot machine would give out 95 to players. This helps in slot machine selection. 

Dispelling common slot myths

There are many misconceptions regarding the slot machines and it is important to debunk them. One of the most famous being slot machines working in cycles of wins and losses. It is not true and each spin generates random number and no one can guess the next number based on previous cycle of numbers. Another one is related to using auto play- some people think that using auto play will reduce their chance as it is all computer software playing but it is not true. Whether played manually or on auto play, slot machines would give out total random numbers always.

Final words

To conclude, the online slot machines are quite fun to play and there are many online slot machines available at https://www.wildz.com/nz/slots/ which also provide bonus on signup to play those games. The bottom line is that these games are totally random and there is no way to predetermine winning on them. one can play them for fun and make some money out of them.