It seems like every year new technology changes the way we live and do business. These days, there’s a new trend that’s really starting to pick up pace. That trend is online meetings. These days more businesses use online meetings to connect with their employees and clients than ever before. Bad meetings are business killers so having a clear and concise meeting agenda is of utmost importance. Today, we’ll talk about how online conferencing technology can help grow your business by improving both employee and customer experiences while reducing the cost of running a business.


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How Online Meetings Can Help Make Your Employees More Happy

It’s no secret, unhappy employees are generally the lowest production employees as well. Bad meetings are awful for everyone so having a clear and concise agenSo, by keeping employees happy, you can ensure that productivity is up and the quality of the products and services produced by your employees it top notch. Here are a few ways that online meetings can lead to happier employees:

  • Better Training – Employees are most happy when they’ve received adequate training and feel knowledgeable about their job. Web conferencing can help improve the experience for both the trainee and the trainer by giving them the ability to record sessions. Also, companies are necessarily limited with regard to where they must meet trainees. Instead trainers can connect with trainees around the world.
  • Better Feedback – Business owners and members of upper level management generally don’t have the ability to drive from one location to another for the sole purpose of speaking with a current employee. However, understanding how employees feel about the company and making changes to increase their level of happiness can greatly increase productivity within the company. Online meetings give members of upper level management and business owners the ability to speak with employees of their company from all around the globe face to face without having to worry about travel time and costs.
  • Give IT Employees Better Tools – One of the most frustrating parts of an IT representative’s job is trying to explain something technical to someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. When conducting an online meeting, if the customer doesn’t understand the fix, the representative has the ability to access the customer’s computer and explain how the problem is being solved while solving the problem themselves. As a result of the ability to access the client’s computer, the customer is happier and the representative’s time is used more efficiently.

How Online Meetings Can Help With Client Acquisition

While web conferencing can help make employees happier, they can also help to drive more customers to your business. After all, no business can grow without customers. Here are a few ways that having the ability to hold conferences online can help with client acquisition.

  • Host Webinars – Webinars are one of the fastest growing online trends today. They are online seminars that are free to the audience, designed to inform the audience about a particular product or service. In the end, a successful webinar builds demand for the product or service sold by the company providing the demonstration.
  • Provide Better Customer Service – When people are happy about the customer service they receive when working with a company, they generally make it a point to tell their friends and family about the experience. Unfortunately, when they aren’t happy with their experience they tend to do the same. So, great customer service helps lead to one of the best forms of advertising; word of mouth. This is especially true in IT departments.

How Online Meetings Can Help Reduce the Cost of Running a Business

Common sayings are often true. That’s the case for the old saying, you can’t make money without spending money! If you own a business, you know that anything that can be done to increase the time efficiency of employees and management can make a big difference. Take advantage of a reputable web conferencing service to increase productivity; therefore, reduce the cost of running a business. Heres why:

  • Increase Efficiency In IT – As mentioned above, web conferencing services give IT representatives a way to remotely access clients’ computers and solve problems quickly. Less time spent with each client means that more clients can be taken care of with fewer representatives.
  • Reduce Travel Costs – Travel expenses are huge for some companies. With regional managers having to travel from one area to another to perform their duties, the costs can definitely add up. Moreover, web meetings can reduce the traveling needed; ultimately reducing traveling costs.

Final Thoughts

Online meetings give business owners a way to improve employee happiness, customer service, and reduce costs. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more business owners are looking into these types of services these days.