I’ve been in the retail business for 40 years now. Over the course of several decades, I’ve had the good fortune of building up my father’s once small antique business into the now largest independent furniture retailer in our 4-county region (with 2 stores comprising a total of 50,000 sq ft and 20 employees!) Now you’re probably thinking, where does Amazon FBA and Nine University come in?

I first heard about Amazon FBA from my son Kyle when he opened his business back in December 2018. I’ll admit it – I was skeptical at first. That is, until he showed me around Nine University’s KT V.I.P program and how it all worked. If there’s something you learn in any business, it’s that first impressions matter and I was impressed. Fast forward to investing in the course in January 2019.

I would say that what most impressed me is how all the content is laid out. KT V.I.P. doesn’t on skimp on content (there are over 300+ videos). From the smallest things like signing up for a seller account to optimizing a full-on Facebook ad campaign, every module includes an overall explainer so you understand the bigger picture and then breaks it down to the exact actions you need to take with clear step by step visuals. All the videos feature either Kale or Taylor or both (the founders of Nine University) which makes the whole experience feel all the more personal and catered to you.

In the months since investing in KT V.I.P., I’ve been impressed with how they continue to improve the course, always adding new hacks and features as Amazon FBA changes. The KT V.I.P. Facebook community and the daily live streams are a huge help as well. Included in your course are daily livestreams where you can ask any question in real time and bi-weekly coaching sessions with a 6-figure FBA seller. From what I’ve experienced, this is a very active and helpful community – a huge added value.

My Results After a Few Months on Nine University’s KT V.I.P.

Coming from a retail brick and mortar background, there was a big learning curve. However, business is business and some things never change: you need to negotiate and buy product to make a great presentation, advertise it and fulfill the order. But as I’ve learned with KT V.I.P, Amazon FBA is its own universe. There have been a lot of late nights negotiating with someone in China, setting up online programs for product selection, PPC advertising optimization and accounting for taxes. Everything is different.

During this learning curve, I’ve experienced some adversity. For example, I’ve had my site suppressed a couple different times because a picture needed to be changed or a description needed a comma. I’ve had to learn new things like setting up variations via a flat file. But I learned early on in my other business that as frustrating is it is at the time, it will only make you smarter, stronger and better. It’s worth the frustration.

In my first month, I applied all my KT V.I.P. learnings so far and reached $3500 in sales and just hit $4600 for my last 30 days. I have added a variation and have two more variations in production now.

My goal is to continue to grow this business to 6 figures a month. My wife and I love to travel and the nice thing about this is that I can run it from a laptop anywhere in the world.

I would love to continue to grow this and step back from my day to day duties at my furniture operations, as my sons are doing a great job. I then could work on this project while we travel or spend time with our boys and their families. With the help of Nine University and KT V.I.P.,I can see this becoming my new reality. To learn more for yourself, I highly recommend giving their testimonials and free online training video a chance HERE.