It is estimated that 80 percent of people in the United States are on social media. This means that companies are vying for the attention of over 260 million people. Companies are also vying for market share and lead-generation in the social media sphere. If a brand is to be established as an authority in their niche, a strong command of the different social networks is necessary.

The space has evolved since the rise of the first major social media network, MySpace, in 2003. In the over one-and-a-half decade that has elapsed, the intelligence-gathering capabilities that companies have acquired have increased drastically. There are countless tools that can be used to mine data and make conclusions about the conversations that users are having online regarding their brands.

What Kinds of Social Media Tools Are There?

It’s difficult not to get lost in the sheer number of tools available on the market. If you are to create a sound social media strategy for your brand, you need to select the right mix of tools to best complement your marketing and sales efforts. Let’s look at the 6 main types of social media tools that are available.

Sentiment Measuring Tools

Sentiment measuring tools tell you what consumers are concerned with and who your influencers are. As a result, you can be granted valuable insight into potential trouble areas.

Channel Effectiveness Tools

The effectiveness of each of your channels can be assessed and scored by channel effectiveness tools. Determining the reach and engagement you have on your social media channels can lead you to valuable conclusions.

Content Leveraging Tools

Finding out which kinds of content engages your audiences and converts with them can be a great time-saver. You can focus on the types of content with the greatest performance and weed out material that doesn’t seem to attract attention or even has a negative effect on your strategy.

Trend-Forecasting Tools

Accurate analysis of trending topics can put your brand ahead of the curve. By using a tool that is able to spot trends you can hitch your content to, you can raise awareness around your brand with minimal effort. Consider it piggy-backing on the power of internet trends.

Competitive Analysis Tools

With competitive analysis tools, you can track your competition and stay up-to-date with what the other market players are doing. You can receive alerts for things such as price changes, new product releases or promotions and can even track your competition’s online ad campaigns.

Crisis Management Tools

Prevention always beats scrambling for a cure and PR crisis management is a stellar example of this. With a good crisis-management tool, you can track mentions of your brand throughout the web and catch a potentially damaging situation before it fully develops.

How NetBase Offers Value With Social Media Tools

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