Gone are the days when you would have to outsource individuals to sit on a desk all through the working hours. Adoption of a remote-first option is best.

What does a remote-first model mean?

It simply means that your outsourced persons would work from home or any convenient space of theirs.

Additionally, remote-first outsourcing is the current trend in the world as a result of the pandemic that hit the Earth.

According to studies by the International Workplace Group, there are 70% of employees working from home on an average of once a week.

Also, there are another 50% of workers that do so for half the week. Virtually everyone is incorporating the remote-first option, how amazing!

You don’t want to be left out in this fast-moving train, would you? Of course not!

So, in this article, I’ll be discussing how your nearshore outsourcing team can adopt the remote-first mindset option.

However, as you know, it is difficult to gather a team of qualified workers, why not leave it to us? 

There are lots of Nearshore outsourcing and remote-first companies in town, but you’d have to pick the best, to get the best, right?

Speaking of the best, Nearsure is inevitably the best! 

Now without any further wasting of time, let’s see how Nearshore outsourcing companies can adopt a remote-first mindset.

Tips To Adopt A Remote-first Mindset

Here, you’ll find invaluable cues on how your nearshore outsourcing company can adopt a remote-first model.

  • Hire the Right Talent

Nearshoring using a remote-first approach should proceed with great caution.

You must fish out the right and appropriate talents from the great multitude, to avoid getting disappointed. 

So, what should you look out for when seeking the right talents? 

Generally, the main traits you should look for in remote workers are communication, self-motivation, responsibility and accountability

When you test these must-to-have features, and they do not possess them, then it’s a no-no hiring situation.

However, when you find the right talents, you’d discover that they’re highly responsive, highly dedicated and always accounted for.

Finding the right talent is tedious and involves a lot of hassles. Why not entrust your Nearshore outsourcing to us? For sure, you won’t regret it.

  • Devise Communication Processes

Communication is the human connection key to personal and career success.

What does this tell? There has to be a strong bond in communication between the remote workers and their managers.

When the communication process isn’t active or effective, there tend to be loopholes in the carrying out of activities.

How can you make sure that your communication with the remote workers is efficient?

Simply devise two or more mediums to interact and this could be in the form of chats or video calls.

These ways, the remote workers would feel more active in the activities of the companies and contribute their quota efficiently.

  • Promote Team Building Culture

You wouldn’t want your remote workers to feel as if they’re working in isolation, without having a feeling of solidarity, would you? No!

Collaboration is a key factor to ensure that your remote-first approach is a success.

So, use whatever team building techniques that you can employ to ensure your remote workers are integrated.

  • Use the Right Tools

As a nearshore outsourcing company, you need to be equipped with the right and appropriate tools.

Essentially, you should have communication tools, time-tracking tools, workflow automation tools, shared documentation tools and development platforms.

These tools are crucial to the success of any remote-first approach campaign.

  • Working Style

Finally, and most importantly, you need to consider the working style that your remote employees would most enjoy working with.

From the pool of talents, Nearshore can help you to fish out the most effective persons that would be of great benefit to your company.

Why not leave the hassle of nearshore outsourcing to us? We’ll ensure that you get the best of the best among remote workers.

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