With hardcover textbooks costing hundreds of dollars for each title, it makes sense that students are looking for other outlets. Buying used books was a trend that continues today, but there’s another option in rentals. Being able to rent a book for a fraction of its purchase price is a windfall for any college student. If you’re wondering what kind of difference renting makes on your school experience, take a look at the benefits below. Nearly every party benefits in one way or another.

1. Low and Upfront Pricing

The major benefit from renting your books is pricing. You have two choices of either new or used books. New titles will cost more, but your professor may require that particular edition. If the edition doesn’t matter to your teacher, used books on rent will be the least expensive.

Each rental supplier will put a particular price on their books. The price is typically stretched across an entire semester. You know exactly how much money it will cost to cover your classes.

2. No End-of-Semester Worries

You might have a stack of textbooks by the end of the semester. If you purchased them, there’s pressure to sell them as quickly as possible. Rental books take the pressure away from the semester’s end. You simply return them to the rental company. Ship or take the books to the store. You don’t have to find a buyer for the books either.

Because your books are already taken care of, you can focus on next semester’s textbook needs. Put in a request for the next set of rentals. You can be at the top of the list as a result.

3. Competitive Pricing Available

Don’t hesitate to shop around for your rentals. Textbooks aren’t universal in price. Rental companies often have varied prices. Try a few different companies, such as:

  • Online sites
  • Local bookstores
  • College bookstores

Remember that local and college bookstores may be more expensive than online outlets. Storefronts have a premium on their rentals because of convenience or location. Renting textbooks makes a difference in your pocketbook when you plan ahead. Online outlets will typically stock your necessary textbooks at a low price. Simply place your order as soon as possible.

4. Shipping to Your Location

Renting your textbooks makes a difference because it saves you time. Most rental facilities will ship the books to your location. Pay for rush delivery, or ask for standard charges that come along with regular orders.

Some companies offer reduced or free shipping. Ask about any memberships or clubs that might makes this shipping scenario a possibility. If you plan on completing a four-year degree, being a loyal customer to one rental company can pay off in the end.

5. Avoid Late Fees

If you rent textbooks, be sure to keep up with return dates. Saving money with a rental is simple, but dealing with late fees can add up. Most rental facilities notify their clients multiple times about pending returns.

Receive this information through numerous channels, such as:

  • Email
  • Regular mail
  • Smartphone notifications

If you cannot return the books by the appropriate date, communicate this issue with the rental facility. There may be an alternative that reduces the total in late fees.

6. Included Insurance

A big difference between renting and buying textbooks is the insurance possibilities. If you lose a purchased book, you have to buy it once again. Rented textbooks give you the chance to purchase insurance with them. If the books become damaged or lost, there’s protection through insurance. The policy covers the book’s cost so that you aren’t liable for a full purchase.

Be sure to read all about any included insurance when you rent textbooks. The fine print should tell you everything necessary to enjoy your class with a proper textbook.

7. Ability to Learn

Being able to rent a textbook makes a huge impact on your mentality regarding school. You feel that learning is much easier than before. There’s no stress when it comes to opening up a textbook and studying. In many ways, there’s no price point on the convenience and simplicity of renting textbooks. You’re free to learn without the worry of expensive, purchase prices.

8. Ownership Possibilities

You’ve rented a book. It turns out that it’s a subject that you want to keep permanently. Ask about rent-to-own possibilities from the rental facility. It may not be possible on every textbook, but it never hurts to ask. A rental facility that doesn’t offer this service can always suggest another one in some cases.

The rental facility decides on a fair, purchase price that you agree to through a written document. After a certain time period, you can own the book that you initially rented.

9. No Storage Woes

One of the biggest differences that rental textbooks make is freeing up space. You won’t have textbooks that are stacked up in dorm rooms or at home. The only books in your care are current necessities.

Many students struggle with the storage part of textbook use. Two semesters of textbooks can fill up a dorm room in no time. Simply return the books each semester to keep your area clear.

Always turn to reputable companies that rent to students. BooksRun is an example of a company that dedicates its services to today’s students. With a qualified company by your side, rental textbooks become a part of school life. Graduation will arrive in no time as a result.