IQ, short form of Intelligence Quotient, is the measure of a person’s cognitive, analytical and critical abilities. IQ level indicates the person’s ability to process the given information to make decisions and to come up with logical answers.

IQ level also measures how well a person can recall the information that they have heard in the past. It measures the short-term and long-term memory of the individual. It is also seen that the results of the IQ tests, such as:, help the teachers to find out which student needs extra concentration to perform better. 

IQ tests have become extremely relevant nowadays. Many schools, colleges and universities take exams or entry tests similar to IQ tests. They only select those students who perform fairly well in these intelligence based tests. 

It is also seen that governments of different countries take IQ tests for the selection of candidates in Military. These tests measure the leadership ability of the candidate and certain specific skills such as how well a candidate can perform under pressure etc.

It is generally considered that intelligence holds the prime importance while judging how well a person can perform the given task. But, psychologists who study intelligence consider it partially important for success. They claim that extraordinary achievements depend on other factors as well.

Measuring the IQ level

IQ tests have been here for around a century now. They were initially formed in France to categorize the learners who need extra help in studies.

History shows that the US Government also used the modified versions of various IQ tests to assess the armed forces. These tests helped the Government to hire the best candidates in the Army. In many countries, Military officials still use IQ tests. A large number of IQ tests are also designed to assess the people with particular disabilities.

IQ tests include knowledge based questions that are quite difficult. The reason for such hard questions is to assess the person in terms of knowledge and understanding of complex concepts.

Some IQ tests deal with memory. These tests check a person’s capability to use logic and explanations to solve the given problem. For instance, the candidates may have to find out what a figure would look like if it were rotated.

Are IQ tests accurate?

One of the most important things to remember while assessing someone through an IQ test is that it measures the person’s potential on that particular day at that particular time on the basis of that particular IQ test. The participant may have been unwell that day. This can happen in a few cases.

Generally, IQ tests are mostly accurate. But other factors need to be considered while assessing a candidate on the basis of IQ test results. Other factors may include: Candidate’s prior educational performance, family circumstances or any other contextual factor contributing.

Turning the potential into success

Being intelligent doesn’t mean that the person will succeed at every assessment in life. If someone is not intelligent it doesn’t mean he or she will fail. Intelligence holds the prime importance while assessing the success rate but research has proven that it is not the only factor. Other factors such as hard work, determination, dedication and repeated practice also lead to higher chances of success.

In fact, many researchers claim that hard work is as important as intelligence to achieve success. It is normal to have setbacks but those who work hard make their way to success.

Uncomfortable facts about how IQ affects life

The advancement of research in IQ has uncovered many factors that can affect the outcome of our lives.

  • Junk food for kids under the age of three can lower their IQ scores. Junk food has a negative impact on the brain, it disturbs the thought process making it difficult to memorize things.
  • Research has also highlighted that poverty is linked with poor performance in intellectual tests. The person’s cognitive role is weakened by the continuous and all-consuming struggle of managing with the direct effects of having little money.
  • Various studies conducted in different regions of the world show that there is a positive link between intelligence and life expectancy. There is even a separate field of education called cognitive epidemiology devoted to this relationship. But still, these results are not generalizable for all the regions.
  • It is also shown in research that people with high IQ scores also reveals more creativity as compared to those with low IQ scores.

  • A study conducted in 2013 proved a direct relationship between intelligence and social skills. Those who are intelligent are also better at managing their social ties.
  • Research has shown that with each point increase in a country’s average IQ the GDP of the country also increases. This highlights the importance of intelligence among the citizens ensuring the wellbeing of the country. 
  • Some research studies have also highlighted that breastfeeding might be linked with better performance on reasoning tests. A study in 2016 found that the kids who consumed breast milk performed better as compared to those who did not.


Nobody can deny the use of IQ tests in almost all the fields of life. Scoring a good IQ score is also very important in order to compete. IQ tests are widely used in education as well as in professional life. These tests serve as the basis to make categories of the candidates based on their test scores.

But it is also important to remember the limitations of such tests. An IQ score tells a story but that is not the whole story. A large number of other factors are also involved in the success of a person. Research has proven hard work as one of the biggest factors ensuring success other than intelligence.

Educational institutions need to train the students in such a way that not only boosts intelligence but is also favorable to inculcate the trait of hard work. A combination of both hard work and intelligence brings guaranteed success.